Tom Hango – AKA Tom Hanks

Age: 40+
Place of Residence: Kokoda
Number of treks: 100+
Position : Porter


Introducing one of our lovable rogues, Tom Hango from Iora Block near Kokoda (also known as Tom Hanks). Certainly one of our most experienced staff. Tom is exceptionally fit and on once occasion won our non stop Kokoda Challenge race in 19hrs 46 min 24sec from Kokoda to Owers’ Cnr.

Tom also came to Australia and competed in the Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge race as part of our Elite Team of 4. Tom has been with us since day 1 commencing in 2004. He is probably the most talkative among our staff therefore never a dull moment when Tom is around. He loves to joke and refers to himself as and ‘old’ KTL boy. Besides, English, his local dialect and pidgin tok pisin, he can also speak the local language along the track of Motu. Tom also attended a course run by the PNG Tourism Authority. Well done Tom.