At Kokoda Trekking, we pride ourselves on offering the safest Kokoda Track experience available. One of the areas in which we specialise is technology. With its harsh landscape and rugged terrain, Kokoda is an experience that carries with it its share of hazards, but then any journey whether across the world or across the road is never 100% danger-free.

To minimise risk and to maximise enjoyment, our technology protocols are designed to keep us in touch wherever we go.

Satellite phones

All of our guides carry a satellite phone to ensure the group’s safety. In the event of a medical emergency or reports of incumbent weather, we are always able to make contact and be contacted.

Trek Tracking System

Now that you know about our safety technology considerations, now comes the fun part. Trek Tracking System is a powerful tool that will enhance not only your experience while on the trek but also your ‘friends and family members’ experience as they follow your progress in real time. It allows your followers to see exactly where you are, while you’re there. We post updates about what you’re doing and maps of your exact location and also lead your followers back to our website for further information.

The “Trek Tracking System” provides an exciting way for you to include your friends, colleagues and loved ones on your trek. Can’t you just picture the guys from the footy club or the team at work gathering around the bar or the water cooler chatting about what you’re up to?


Your friends and family will feel as if they’re the proverbial ‘fly on the wall’ on your trek. We use Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and our forums to post regular updates of each tour’s progress in real time.