St Joseph’s Nudgee College Day Trek

St Joseph’s Nudgee College

Date: 23 September 2019 – 23 September 2019

Commencing at Boroko accommodation area,  the group will travel out to Bomana War Cemetery where they will pay respects to the fallen soldiers of World War II.

Trekkers will then continue along the Sogeri Road stopping at various locations along the way such as Sogeri Monument and McDonald’s Corner before reaching their final destination of Owers’ Corner Archway.

All Kokoda treks either commence and/or complete their walk across the Kokoda Track at this point and it will all give students an idea of the terrain and what our soldiers faced during the war.

The walk will be led by our local historian guide, Clement Harika.


Drive – Port Moresby to Owers Corner
Walk – Walk down to Goldie River
Swim – Swim Gold River (Depending on timing and permission)
Walk – Walk up to Owers Corner
Drive – Owers’ Corner to Bomana
Walk – Bomana War Cemetery Visit
Drive – Drive back to Port Moresby Accommodation

Total Time : 7 Hours (Rough Guide)

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