St Edmund’s Australian Guided Trek 1175

St Edmund’s College Australian Guided Trek – Kokoda to Owers’ Cnr

Date: 16 September 2018 – 24 September 2018

St Edmund’s College Australian guided trek commencing in Kokoda on the 16th of September 2018 and finishing at Ower’s Corner on the 24th of September 2018.  Guide Pat Vainerere – Trek 1175


Day 1 – 16th September: POM – KOKODA – ISURAVA
Day 2 – 17th September: ISURAVA – IORA CREEK
Day 4 – 19th September: TEMPLETON’S CROSSING – 1900
Day 5 – 20th September: 1900 – MENARI
Day 6 – 21st September: MENARI – NAORO
Day 7 – 22nd September: NAORO – VA’ULE CREEK
Day 8 – 23rd September: VA’ULE CREEK – GOLDIE RIVER
Day 9 – 24th September: OWERS’ CORNER – POM

Update 15th September 2018

Trek 1175: I had the pleasure of meeting all these trekkers a few weeks back at one of the last preparation meetings and again this morning to see them off on their departure to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

Trek 1175: This afternoon our latest group of trekkers arrived in Port Moresby where they were met by Pat Vainerere who will act as their guide on this trek. Trekkers are made up as follows:

Brendan, Julie Ann and Angus Preston; Mitchell Lowe; Harrison Klee; Nicholas and Rolf Just; Rodger and Jamie Edols; Michael Davis and Nigel Raddie.

Update 16th September 2018

Trek 1175: The trek got away early this morning with a short drive to the airport to catch a flight over to Popondetta. Trekkers were then transported down to Kokoda via 4X4 vehicles.

Trek 1175: This group arrived in Kokoda and were guests at Clement Harika‘s family guesthouse area where they had morning tea before moving up to the Kokoda Station. As I type, they are in preparation to move off from the Kokoda Station. Pat Vainerere seen here addressing his crew for this trek which include: Clement Harika; Ivan Semie; Ramsy Idau; Trevor Jinga; Harry Mendari; Lenny Enjeka; Gerald Juary and Tommy Bareo.

Trek 1175: St Edmunds College: Have not yet heard from Pat but Christopher informed me that around 10 minutes after they arrived at Deniki, one young man reached the campsite. He was followed a few minutes later by two of the older men walking with this group.

Trek 1175: Evening Post: Pat said he had trouble getting a line out so sent this text message to me: Everyone went well today.
Been a big day and our flight from Port Moresby to Popondetta was good. On the way up to Kokoda one of the 4WDrives had a flat tyre which caused a bit of a delay. Once on the track we all had lunch with some local fruits, and the boys loved it.

We started again at 1300 and stopped at Hoi. Some struggled, but all good. He added, good pizzas from Maryanne today. Tomorrow the plan is to head to Alola for the night. Think of them tomorrow as they head up through the wild choko fields and walk through Isurava Village, before ending up at the Isurava Memorial site. Following a service there, they will continue on to Alola.

Update 17th September 2018

Trek 1175: Pat called to say they are all now at Alola Village. The lead group arrived earlier than a set of parents at the back who walked into Alola around 4:30pm this afternoon. It rained today so they have already experienced wet conditions. Pat is very happy with the group as they make their way across the track.

Update 18th September 2018

Trek 1175: This trek is also going well with everyone at the campsite area by 3:30pm this afternoon. Pat said he is very proud of the boys carrying their own backpacks as they appear happy and content – apparently still smiling with no complaints. Today saw them experience quite a lot of rain but everyone still did ok. Keep up the good work you are all doing just great. Tomorrow the plan is to head to Naduri for the night.

Update 19th September 2018

Trek 1175: The Trek is now in Naduri and once again everyone has done well today. It rained all afternoon so they walked in the wet yet again. Tomorrow the plan is to walk through Efogi the half way point and continue up to Brigade Hill and on to Manari for the night. Pat on the phone this afternoon seemed very happy with his trekkers and porters. Please do keep in mind that photographs used are from our stock images. Photographs for this trek will be up loaded once we have the memory cards are back at our base in Port Moresby.


Update 20th September 2018

Trek 1175: This group are now at Manari Village and at the time I was talking to Pat, the teenagers were interacting with other boys from another trekking company and playing soccer. They will all be together again tomorrow night as well at Nauro Village. Jamie was not feeling too well last night but seems he woke up hungry and did well today so all good. This morning they had a very slippery downhill and are all complaining about sore muscles but can’t be too bad if they are out playing soccer. Nauro Village tomorrow so they are now on the home straight.

Update 21st September 2018

Trek 1175: Pat said they needed it as all were still feeling the efforts of yesterday! At the time he phoned he informed me the weather was good and that they were all sitting around relaxing. I joked about the creek at Nauro because when I walked the track my friend and I went down to wash in their creek but later it started to rain and without getting ourselves covered in mud again, we had to stay there until our porters came down to rescue us. Still remember that slippery climb back up to the top with village women no doubt laughing at us. Tomorrow they head to Ioribaiwa.

Update 22nd September 2018

Trek 1175: The trek has now arrived at Ioribaiwa. Pat said this afternoon that his group are also doing well reaching their destination around 2:30pm this afternoon. As I was talking to him he said the young boys were having fun in the local village of Ioribaiwa with a few of them complaining about aches and pains but all are ok. Tomorrow the plan is to camp close to Owers’ Cnr. so they can go up to the top early on the morning of the 24th. Keep going trek 1175, you are almost to the finish line.

Update 23rd September 2018

Trek 1175: The Trek has now arrived at Goldie River and perfectly positioned to walk off the track tomorrow morning around 7:30am. Everyone once again today did well and are all looking forward to finishing their successful trek tomorrow when they will then make their way up to Owers’ Corner archway and then back down off the mountain to Port Moresby.

Update 24th September 2018

Trek 1175: Congratulations are in order as trekkers are off the track and at the present time are at Bomana War Cemetery. They will then make their way back to the hotel to prepare themselves to fly home this afternoon. Well done to all the St Edmunds College parents/teachers/students. Thank you for choosing Kokoda Trekking.

Thanks also to Pat, Christopher and our team of porters for taking such good care of you all. Think of how they would have felt walking up the last steep climb to walk under the archway earlier this morning.

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