• Beautifully done, I really like the "Golden Stairs" one


  • Just received a call from my Daughter Lara & Grant in Melbourne about the passing of Wallace and came to the KTL Website to offer our condolences.

    Wallace was a wonderful man and was to be our Guide in April last year but took ill suddenly and wasn't able to complete the journey with us. whilst we had an extremely competent Guide in Arnold, we…[Read more]

  • Well done Shane and good luck to all trekkers. Congratulations to Dylen also on his first 'official' trek as a Personal Porter. Knowing Jessie, who was on our trek a few months ago and was superb, as we do, then Dylen will be just as good>

    warm regards


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  • Hi Andrew & Watto

    Having trekked twice now with Kokoda Trekking Limited and observed other groups on the Track on both ocassions, I have no doubt whatsoever that I would not have enjoyed it any better, or experienced anything better if I had trekked with another Company. I too also tried to contact another group in 2004 and received no answer at…[Read more]

  • Great song Debbie and I hope the boys are still singing it as their singing on the Track is an absolute delight and I hope you had the opportunity of listening to them sing, 'One Pella Mary', it is a favourite of mine and was sung on numerous ocassions on both my treks.

    Best wishes

    Waza (Treks 83 & 872)

  • Congratulations Chris on a wonderful achievement in running the Kokoda Track! I know it is hard enough to walk it let alone run it! you and all contestants are made of stern stuff indeed.

    Congratulations also to all runners but especially Horace and Jessie, who were Porters with us on our Trek No. 872 back in April/May, it was an honour to walk…[Read more]

  • Hi all

    Just a follow up to the previous posters and specifically Choppereid, who plans to trek in 2013, just on my experience, i would like to offer a few comments/suggestions:

    Firstly about your knees, I can understand your plight, as I'm 67 at the moment and was when I trekked last and I've had 'Squash' knees for the past 35 years and other…[Read more]

  • Congratulations Gail & Nathan on organising another sterling Kokoda Challenge Race, importantly on the 70th Anniversary of the Milne Bay conflict, a very important, but sometimes overlooked battle area.

    Congratulations also to all the participants for even attempting the event in the first place and for those who finished the run.

    A special…[Read more]

  • Congratulations Horace on your new appointment as a Guide for KTL, you thoroughly deserve it my friend. We missed you after you left our Trek to head to the North Coast. Look after yourself and keep in touch through gail's website.

    Best regards from Lara & grant as well.

    Best wishes


  • Congratulations Brendan on your first Trek as a Guide and I have no doubt that it was a success. From last time I know that you would have an over-riding concern for the welfare of your Trek Members. Let me know how you went.

    Look forward to receiving something via Gail in the near future, as it is an item that you will need in every day life and…[Read more]

  • I have just heard that Brendan Buka, who was Lara's Personal porter on our recent Trek No. 872, has been promoted to a Trek Guide for KTL and offered his first trek in early June, which should be about his 35th trek. Our congratulations to Brendan for this promotion, as he is an absolute wonder and was quite sensational as a Porter to Lara for the…[Read more]

  • Congratulations to Francesca, Jessica, Callum, Pete & Tom on completion your long & arduous trek, I hope it was worthwhile & enjoyable for you all. Seeing that I met you at Jackson's with gail back on the 5th May, it only seems right that I contact you now on your completion.Hope to hear from you all.RegardsWaza (Trek 83 & 872)

  • Good luck to Francesca, Jessica, Callum, Pete & ThomasWe met on Saturday at the Airport, just after you arrived from Aus and before you departed for Popondetta, meant to advise you to have some walking poles cut for you for your trip, especially with the wet conditions, but I'm sure you will get them after a couple of days on the Track.Please let…[Read more]

  • Waza replied to the topic Anzac Treks 2012 in the forum News 8 years, 10 months ago

    Best wishes to Brad from Trek 840 and hang on Mate as you probably have passed the halfway point, so best to hang in there for the rest of the journey.good luck also to Guide Wayne from 859, hope you are over your bout of sickness and you can keep going.Finally to Jonathon on 806, the first couple of days is always the worst and you will no doubt…[Read more]

  • Waza replied to the topic Anzac Treks 2012 in the forum News 8 years, 10 months ago

    Good luck to Wallace and all trekkers heading South on Trek 840 and I'll see Wallace & Gail in 8 days time.Good luck also to trekkers on the 2 Northbound treks.Looking forward to heading out on ANZAC Day.regardsWaza

  • Waza replied to the topic Two Years. in the forum General Discussions 8 years, 11 months ago

    Hi PeteHow interesting, it would seem that it was an article done on my trek in '05 in the then Pictorial and yes I mentioned Gail in very glowing terms and Gail even took an add in the feature. It would be interesting to see a scan or photo of the article, which turned out to be 4 pages with photos.Best regardsWarren (Waza)PS I'm off to trek…[Read more]

  • Just having a quick read during my lunch, realising that I only have 3 weeks to go before we hit the Track again.Two items come to mind, firstly from rooster, commenting on trek numbers and I have to agree wholeheartedly as when I trekked in '05, we shared ANZAC Day at the Isurava Memorial Site with what seemed like a 100 trekkers from another…[Read more]

  • Congratulations to the three lucky winners of Gail's generous discount offer.This gesture, once again demonstrates what a wonderful and generous person Gail is and all of her family and business partners, I doubt if any other Trekking Company does as much for the people of the Oro Province and trekkers as Gail does.Well done GailRegards Waza

  • Hello Jenny and also YvieDon't worry too much about age Jenny, if you have prepared, then you will manage the daily walk. Yes, it can be tough at times, but you just stop and take a breather, no one will mind, least of all the Guides and Porters and once you get your breath back, just start walking again, every step forward is a step closer to…[Read more]

  • Hello YvieI can only endorse what Saloo8 has said in regard to KTL, I have trekked with them before and am returning for another go in April/May next year and looking forward to it. They are a wonderful Company, owned by equally wonderful people. People who do so much for the people of the Kokoda and surrounding areas. They have put so much back…[Read more]

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