• Did not mean to scare anyone but came across this site whilst surfing for information on dangerous snakes that are found in PNG. It seemed logical to post it for all and sundry. I believe it is important to register online with the AU Govt. also so they know where we are likely to be in the advent of problems. THat link is on the site I posted…[Read more]

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    Hi cull,Yeah, check back in after you go. We're all pretty keen for info. Good luck.Galen.

  • Hi 39th,Yeah, I have also heard that more water is better than less. I have a 2L hydration pack and had planned on taking another 1L of staminade or something. I have a secondary bottle. I had figured I could replenish my hydration pack at a stream, drop a tablet and then survive for the half-hour activation time on my 1L supply. I can see the…[Read more]

  • Hi Austin,Just read your 'weight post' regarding your pack weight. I figure you should be able to keep your pack down to 15kg or under. Yes, things will add up pretty quickly but if you pack everything you need, then unpack it and discard, pack again then unpack and discard, you will pretty much still have everything you need. Training with 18 is…[Read more]

  • Thanks David, JP and I will check it out.Galen.

  • G'day,Yeah, go for the heavier one. It should set you back about 20 bucks or so. Brand names are not important in this department, pretty much all the same in that price range. I think that if you get caught in the rain it's gonna get you wet regardless. I think's is fair to say cats and dogs type rain is pretty much the norm.

  • Hi Mel, Thanks for your input re: thermals. I think I will take them. I'm packing pretty light elsewhere so it won't be too much of a burden. I'd rather be comfortable and get a good night's sleep and not have ro worry about feezing my ass off. The plastic sheet idea is a good one. Good for laying out equipment also huh?Can you (or anyone who has…[Read more]

  • Hi Waza,Yeah, please email me those lists.galenkantipaul@bigpond.comAppreciate it and any tips you may have.Austin. I have an old injury, right knee, which is giving me some problems. I'm working on it though. I'll be fine. huh.gif Galen

  • Hi guys, David thanks for the tip. JP and I have started on the WF Gully to My Lofty track and as he says will be hitting that pretty hard over the next few months. Please supply Goat Track details as I have not heard of it. I thought it was pretty funny no Adelaidians had responded. We're a shy bunch huh? How about Austin huh? Sounds mad! I…[Read more]

  • Hi Paul, (2/7th)Thanks for your input, much appreciated. Do you think I would need some for of warm clothing in Nov? (For evening I mean.) I had heard that it can get cold at night, although like Austin, I want to pack light. I don't wanna freeze though. My sleeping bag is zero rated and I had thought track pants would be ok if I got that little…[Read more]

  • Hi all, I'm back!I've been really busy and have come back here and see you guys have been posting like mad! The information and tips are awesome. Sorry if I have not replied to anyone that needed a reply, but work commitments have taken priority. (The market is going well here in Adelaide!) I hope you're all well and training hard…Austin…Lost…[Read more]

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    Hi Jafa,Sorry for the late reply- been flat out like a lizard drinking! Yeah, I'm going with Kokoda trekking. They were pretty slow in acknowledging my deposit so I would not be too concerned about your booking. They will get around to it. When did you book for? We are going in Nov 5.Hey Mel, thanks for your input. Really appreciate it. Keep it…[Read more]

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    Hi Mel, Yes, I agree with Austin, I will also use a walking pole obtained from the bush although I believe that the trek co. provide one? On the knife, I figured it was not something that would be used a lot although in my experience, (lot's of hunting) it has always been something I have taken. Maybe a full-blown hunting knife is not necessary…[Read more]

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    Umm…Weights vest? Dude you're hard-core…Or maybe I'm just bloody lazy! rolleyes.gif Thank's for the drink tips. I would really appreciate your do's and don't when you return. Galen.

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    Hi Phantom,I just bought some hike/trek boots. I went with the recomendation of the guy at the shop who has the same ones and he's been everywhere. Sounds like you have also done some serious trekking. Can you explain the "tie your hike boots" comment? I've done a heap of hunting and we walk mainly, for reasonably long distances but not in muddy…[Read more]