Lord Somers Camp Trek 1216

Kokoda Adventure Trek – Kokoda to Owers’ Corner

Date: 23 June 2019 – 1 July 2019

Lord Somers Camp Group – Commencing in Kokoda on the 23 June and finishing by walking off the track at Owers’ Corner on the 1st July where you will met and driven back to Port Moresby. On the way you will stop at Bomana War Cemetery – Trek 1216


Day 1 – 23rd June : KOKODA – ISURAVA
Day 2 – 24th June : ISURAVA – IORA CREEK
Day 4 – 26th June : TEMPLETON’S CROSSING – 1900
Day 5 – 27th June : 1900 – MENARI
Day 6 – 28th June : MENARI – NAORO
Day 7 – 29th June : NAORO – VA’ULE CREEK
Day 8 – 30th June : UA’ULE CREEK – GOLDIE RIVER
Day 9 – 1st July : OWERS’ CORNER – POM

Update 21st June 2019

Trek 1216: Our next group of trekkers flew to PNG today with the exception of one who missed her flight. Luckily they had a day up their sleeve for a drive around Port Moresby so all good. As their Tropicair charter leaves for Kokoda on Sunday 23rd June Beck can play catch up with the lead group as she will fly into Port Moresby tomorrow. This morning we drove up to Brisbane and met up with two of the trekkers, Krystian Tantaro and Dr. Tony Slater. Waited around to say a quick hello to Michael Barrand, his daughter Georgia and others but they went straight down through customs so as a result we missed them. Chris advised he met up with the group at Jackson’s Airport and right now can only imagine they got some rest this afternoon from their early morning flight and are looking forward to spending time together sightseeing tomorrow. On this trek is Michael Barrand who I am pretty sure is on his 3rd trek with Kokoda Trekking. We welcome him back to PNG and say thanks for bringing his daughter Georgia and friends to join him. Thanks also to Krystian and Tony who took some donations to PNG for us today.

Update 22nd June 2019

Trek 1216: a group of 7 seen here tonight at ‘The Gateway Hotel’.


Update 23rd June 2019

Trek 1216: Trekkers touched down in Kokoda around 8:45am and were met by their guide Harold Hauro along with other KTL staff. Trekkers on this trek include: Adam Greig, Krystian Tantaro, Andrew Webster, Beck Clinnick, Tony Slater along with Michael Barrand on his 3rd trek, this time round with his daughter Georgia. One of Michael Barrand’s requests was that he pay a visit to Saga Village to visit Wallace Lemeki’s grave. Wallace had walked with Michael before and also attended the ‘Lord Somer’s Camp’ so had a strong connection. Sadly Wallace passed away on the 3rd February 2013. Some money has been raised by members of the Lord Somer’s Camp for a headstone for his grave. This is presently being made and will later be placed on his gravesite. The group started walking around midday today and find themselves tonight at Deniki. Everyone is ok and despite the heat did well today. You will notice in the photograph below another grave beside Wallace for his infant son Bowen who died only a few months old.


Update 24th June 2019

Trek 1216: Tonight this group are settled in at Con’s Rock. Earlier today Trevor Jinga walking in the opposite direction and heading off the track tomorrow, had a long conversation with Michael Barrand who he walked with on his last trek. Apparently Trevor mentioned to him that there was also a porter by the name of Bill Harike and he too sadly lost his life at a young age. It seems all trekkers did well today and are looking forward to their walk tomorrow.

Update 26th June 2019

Trek 1216: Yesterday this group spent the night at Templeton’s Crossing and today were heading to Naduri for the night. It was raining when I was talking to Harold so they can say they have experienced some wet conditions on the track. Michael apparently was keeping Andrew company at the back of the group and the others were out the front leading the way. No problems whatsoever at this stage.

Trek 1216: Harold called this afternoon to say they were at Myola looking out over the grasslands and were going to spend the night at Dump 1. Tomorrow they head to Efogi the half way point. He added that they were taking their time and enjoying rests along the way as its a longer duration trek and it would appear they are doing exactly that.

Update 27th June 2019

Trek 1216: Harold called and said they were now at Efogi. Whilst he was talking to me he said trekkers were walking around the village. He said they continue to have no problems and tomorrow they are heading to Agulogo for the night. He added that it was a big day for them as it was very hot and dry out there on the track. Think of them tomorrow at Brigade Hill.

Update 28th June 2019

Trek 1216: This group are now at Agulogo for the night. Seems its been another hot day for them according to Harold. However, they all continue to do well and tomorrow they will head up through Nauro Village, down Maguli Range and stop for the night at Ofi Creek.

Update 30th June 2019

Trek 1216: Trekkers spent last night at Ioribaiwa Village. Think of them today as they make their way to Goldie River for their last night on the track. Everyone is ok and looking forward to finishing their trek.


Update 1st July 2019

Trek 1216: Congratulations to this group as they are off the trek and now heading towards Bomana War Cemetery. Well done to you all from all of us here at Kokoda Trekking. Thanks again to Michael Barrand for getting this group together to come and walk with him.


Kokoda Adventure Trek 1216
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