Kokoda and Myola Lakes Trek 1143


OWER’S CORNER – KOKODA – Gona/ Buna/ Sanananda Extension

Date: 19th July – 31st July

PRIVATE Trek – Commencing at Ower’s Corner on the 19th of July and finishing by walking off the track in Kokoda on the 27th July where you will overnight. On the 28th of July all trekkers will travel down to Gona/Buna/Sanananda Extension. On the 31st of July all trekkers will be returned to Port Moresby to end the trek – Trek 1143



Day 1 – 19th July: OWERS’ CORNER – UA-ULE CREEK
Day 2 – 20th July: UA-ULE CREEK – NAURO
Day 3 – 21st July: NAURO – MENARI
Day 4 – 22nd July: MENARI – EFOGI
Day 5 – 23rd July: EFOGI – 1900 CAMPSITE
Day 6 – 24th July: 1900 CAMPSITE – MYOLA LAKES
Day 7 – 25th July: 1900 CAMPSITE – EORA CREEK
Day 8 – 26th July: EORA CREEK – HOI VILLAGE
Day 9 – 27th July: HOI VILLAGE – Kokoda
Day 10 – 28th July: TREK EXTENSION
Day 11 – 29th July: TREK EXTENSION
Day 12 – 30th July: TREK EXTENSION

Update 19th July 2018

Trek 1143: This group were up bright and early this morning for the drive out to Bomana War Cemetery and later headed to the drop off point of Owers’ Corner. Trekkers in this group include: Owen Townsend; Travis McInnes; Steven Murcott; Luke Arber; Geoff Dyer; Gerard, Leon, Peter and Nathan Van Der Velden. The guide for this trek is Pat Vainerere. Pat advised that they reached their destination for today, Ua’Ule Creek and said no problems, everyone is doing ok. Please note that trek photographs used are from our stock file. Their photographs will be posted once the camera comes in off track.

Update 20th July 2018

Trek 1143: Trekkers are now at Ofi Creek for the night. They all did well today. Apparently been swimming in the creek; playing cards and our boys had a music session. So seems everything is going according to plan. Tomorrow they will head to Agulogo for the night.

Update 21st July 2018

Trek 1143: Last night was spent at Ofi Creek. Whilst climbing up Maguli Range today I spoke to Pat and he said they were all doing well and heading to Agulogo for the night. As this trek is heading down to the beachheads, several boys from that area asked to be on this trek so they could walk with the trekkers and then take them down to Sanananda to where they live after completing their trek. At the moment not having walked in 2018, seems walking as food porters, they are coming up the rear which is ok but no doubt they are feeling it. Pat said the legend Brendan Buka is a big asset to all the boys trailing at the back helping them out wherever he can. As for the trekkers they are all doing extremely well with no worries whatsoever.

Update 22nd July 2018

Trek 1143: Today trekkers walked from Agulogo to Menari followed by Brigade Hill before making their way down to the half way point of Efogi for the night arriving there at 3:15pm. Tomorrow they will head to Kagi. Everyone is ok and doing well.

Update 23rd July 2018

Trek 1143: Pat called to say that they are now at Kagi Village. He said they stopped for a swim on the way up to the village which was nice and refreshing. Apparently they have some garden vegies and the plan was to cook them mumu style tonight. Everyone is ok and doing well.

Update 24th July 2018

Trek 1143: Pat called to say they had a big day today as they walked into Myola and back. Tonight they find themselves at 1900 and tomorrow will head for Templeton’s Crossing. Some are a little tired today but all doing well.

Update 25th July 2018

Trek 1143: Pat and his team are now at Templeton’s Crossing for the night. Lots of fun it seems, singing in the background could be heard. Lots of trekkers it seems walking in the opposite direction. Tomorrow they head to Isurava Village in readiness to walk off the track on the 27th. Everyone continues to do well.

Update 26th July 2018

Trek 1143: Trekkers are now at Isurava Village and will walk off the track tomorrow where they will relax overnight before heading down to Sanananda for a few days. Pat, our trekkers and porters are all looking forward to walking off the track tomorrow. No problems whatsoever with the group. They should reach Kokoda tomorrow around lunch time. Earlier today they were at Isurava Memorial where they had a service before heading on a bit further down the track to where they are now camped.

Update 27th July 2018

Trek 1143: Congratulations to this group as they walked off the track earlier this afternoon and are presently at Clement’s family guesthouse relaxing and celebrating their successful trek. I spoke to Leon and he said he really enjoyed his second walk across the track with Kokoda Trekking. Well done everyone from all of us here at Kokoda Trekking.

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