Kokoda Fast Trek 1193

Kokoda Fast Trek – Kokoda – Owers’ Cnr

Date: 25 November 2019 – 30 November 2019

Open Trek. PNG Guided.This trek has been designed so that you commence your trek on the 25th November in Kokoda and walk off the track at Owers’ Cnr on the 30th November. Trek 1193


Day 1 – 25th November 2019 : POM – POPONDETTA – KOKODA – ISURAVA
Day 2 – 26th November 2019 : ISURAVA – TEMPLETON’S CROSSING
Day 3 – 27th November 2019 : TEMPLETON’S CROSSING – EFOGI
Day 4 – 28th November 2019 : EFOGI – NAURO
Day 5 – 29th November 2019 : NAURO – UA’ULE CREEK
Day 6 – 30th November 2019 : UA’ULE CREEK – OWERS’ CORNER

Update 25th November 2019

Trek 1193: Trekkers had an early start this morning in order to catch their flight to Popondetta airport. As I type, they are making their way up to Kokoda for the commencement of their walk across the track. On this trek we have: Darren Sibbison walking with Wayne Urina Tihimi. Bob Anderson is on his 2nd trek for 2019 walking with Tom Hango. Jacqueline Davis has Ivan Semie as her porter. Her friend Carina Ford will be walking with Johnsford Eroro. Food porters are: Kingsley Eroro; Felix Haera; Eddie Ageda; Essau Taturia and Chris Yauga. Clement Harika is the guide for this trek. As they make their way up to Kokoda, some of our crew are busy preparing the boys trek food in readiness of their arrival.


Trek 1193: Clement just called me to say they have all safely reached Isurava Village. Its a dry track and they all did well today. Tomorrow the plan is to stop for the night at Templeton’s Crossing II.

Update 26th November 2019

Trek 1193: Clement reported in and said they reached their destination for today around 2pm this afternoon. Everyone has done well despite the dry track and the heat. Tomorrow they will reach the half way point of Efogi.

Tomorrow the plan is to reach Naduri Village. Today was a tiring day so a decision was made to pull up at Agulogo instead of pushing on to Menari Village.

Update 27th November 2019

Trek 1193: Clement called from Efogi and said they were all ok. Sounds like they have the trek to themselves. Tomorrow the plan is to head to Nauro Village for the night.

Update 28th November 2019

Trek 1193: This group have now reached Nauro Village. Carina rolled her ankle but says she is ok and is pushing on. Apparently today its been overcast so a little cooler. Tomorrow the group will overnight at Ua’Ule Creek for their last night on the track.

Update 29th November 2019

Trek 1193: This group came off the track one day earlier than planned and walked under the Owers’ Corner archway a short time ago. At the moment the group are making their way down off the mountain from Sogeri.

The other group walking in the opposite direction walked out in Kokoda around 11am this morning.

Congratulations to everyone. They were both ‘fast treks’ and you all did extremely well. Thanks to all our staff for all their help throughout 2019 as this marks our last trek for 2019. Well done to you all.

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