Kokoda Fast Trek 1157

Kokoda Fast Trek – Owers’ Cnr – Kokoda

Date: 12 July 2019 – 17 July 2019

Open Trek. PNG Guided.This trek has been designed so that you commence your trek on the 12th July at Owers’ Cnr and walk off the track kokoda on the 16th July. The following day you will be returned to Port Moresby to end the trek Trek 1157



Day 1 – 12th July 2019: Owers’ Cnr to Ioribaiwa
Day 2 – 13th July 2019: Ioribaiwa to Menari
Day 3 – 14th July 2019: Menari to 1900/Myola Junction
Day 4 – 15th July 2019: 1900/Myola Junction to Alola
Day 5 – 16th July 2019: Alola to Kokoda
Day 6 – 17th July 2019: Popondetta to Port Moresby


Update 12th July 2019

Trek 1157: Trekkers in this group were picked up early this morning from the Gateway Hotel and were taken to Bomana War Cemetery. At the moment they are making their way up to Owers’ Corner the drop off point at which time they will commence their first descent down to towards Goldie River. Trekkers include: Matthew Janssen; Samuel Adams; Mackenzie Duffy; Kris Greenaway; Russell and Patrick Curran. Guide for this trek is Tony Ogonemi. Support staff: Tom Hango; Cliff Taimbari; Jessie Aire; Chris Yauga; Felix Haera; Lancelot Geroia; Roland Mambia and Brendan Buka.

Trek 1157: This group have now reached Ioribaiwa Village according to their GPS. A tough day for them as like the other group who they will cross paths with tomorrow, they are on a ‘fast’ trek and will walk out in Kokoda on the 16th July. I will know more after Tony calls but at this stage they all appear to be doing well to reach their destination for today, ie Ioribaiwa.

Trek 1157: Text Message just received from Tony: Hi Gail, we had a good day and are now camping at Ioribaiwa. Tomorrow we will proceed to Menari. All trekkers doing great and boys teaming up perfectly well. Looking forward to meeting up with Trek 1180, Pat and his boys as we pass them tomorrow. We are experiencing a dry track and its cooler in the evenings.

Update 14th July 2019

Trek 1157: Tony just called from Menari. He said they are all ok. Russell suffered yesterday from cramps Maguli Range area but is ok. Patrick and Russell were at the back walking at their own pace with the others out in front. Today they have a big day ahead of them as they walk up Brigade Hill and past the half way point of Efogi and then head on further down the track to 1900/Myola Junction. Tony however was happy with his team and trekkers so all good at this stage, everyone is doing a great job.


Update 15th July 2019

Trek 1157: Received a text message from Tony as follows: We decided to camp at Naduri for the night. ‘We will continue to Eora Creek or Alola tomorrow. Everyone is doing well apart from Russell who has improved and has now developed a good pace for himself. Our food boys packs will be lighter from tomorrow so expecting big help from them for Russell. Our trekkers asked if you could text us the scores on the game between Eels and the Titans’. So there you have it, the guys are out on the track but still thinking about the footy!


Update 16th July 2019

Trek 1157: Trekkers spent last night at Eora Creek and today were already on the go heading towards the finish line when Tony took the time to call me on the sat phone. He apologised for not contacting me last night but said it was raining and he could not get a signal. Russell is ok and like the rest of the group keen to see the Archway in Kokoda and complete their trek. They should walk out in Kokoda around 4-5pm this afternoon.
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Trek 1157: This group have just walked off the track and are now in Kokoda. They will fly back to Port Moresby in the morning. Congratulations everyone from all of us here at Kokoda Trekking.

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