Kokoda Fast Trek 1149

Kokoda Fast Trek – Kokoda – Owers’ Cnr

Date: 13 July 2018 – 18 July 2018

Kokoda Fast Trek. PNG Guided.This trek has been designed so that you commence your trek on the 13th July from Kokoda and walk off the track at Owers’ Cnr on the 18th of July to end your trek.  Trek 1149



Day 1 – 13th July: POM – KOKODA – ISURAVA
Day 4 – 16th July: EFOGI – NAURO
Day 5 – 17th July: NAURO – UA’ULE CREEK
Day 6 – 18th July: UA’ULE CREEK – OWERS’ CORNER

Update 13th July 2018

Trek 1149: Another trek commenced today, what we refer to as a ‘fast trek’ who are playing catch up to the other trek that commenced on the 10th July. Both treks will walk off the track together at Owers’ Cnr on the 18th July. Trekkers are: Stephen McCarthy and Norman Howe back for their 2nd walk with us and our KTL boys. The guide for this trek is Ramsy Idau from Saga Village in Kokoda. Accompanying this group is Tom Hango; Jessie Aire; Lancelot and Mathias Geroia. Tagging along because they did not want to fly is Kingsley and Solomon Eroro making their way in for their trek on the 18th July.

Update 14th July 2018

Trek 1149: This trek were on the move early this morning and are now settled for the night near the foot of Mt Bellamy with tomorrow seeing them passing the half way point of Efogi. Having walked the track before, settling for a shorter trek shows they must be up for the challenge.

Update 15th July 2018

Trek 1149: This trek has now reached the half way point of Efogi around 5pm this afternoon. Tomorrow another big day ahead of them as they will need to reach Nauro tomorrow night to keep up with their schedule.

Update 16th July 2018

Trek 1149: This trek have passed the half way point and Menari and tomorrow will walk through Nauro Village and work their way further down the track towards Owers’ Corner.

Update 17th July 2018

Trek 1149: I received a phone call from an excited Ramsy Idau this morning from Maguli Range saying they were on target and heading towards finishing at Owers’ Corner come tomorrow morning. Stephen was a bit sick yesterday but is ok today. No doubt a huge challenge for these two trekkers but for Ramsey the winner of our last Kokoda Challenge Race in 18 hours non stop, he loves a fast pace. Three other of our Kokoda Challenge boys are on this trek. Jessie Aire, Lancelot and Mathias Geroia, all really fit boys.

Trek 1149: This trek have now reached Ua’Ule Creek and decided to stop there for the night. Approx 5-6 hours tomorrow should see them off the trek and under the archway at Owers’ Corner. Its been a tough few days for this pair so they are no doubt looking foward to celebrating their successful trek once they hit the finish line.

Update 18th July 2018

Trek 1149: Have just heard that Stephen and Norman have successfully completed their trek at Owers’ Corner and are presently in a bus heading towards Port Moresby. Well done guys and thanks for coming back and walking with us again. Congratulation guys from all of our here at Kokoda Trekking. Imagine them today on their last climb up to Owers’

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