Kokoda Fast Trek 1135

Kokoda Fast Trek – Owers’ Cnr to Kokoda

Date: 26 September 2018 – 1 October 2018

PNG Guided. This trek has been designed so that you commence your trek on the 26th of September from Owers’ Cnr and walk off the track at Kokoda on the 30th of September. The following day you will be transported back to Port Moresby to end your trek. Trek 1135



Day 1 – 26th September 2018: Owers’ Cnr to Ioribaiwa
Day 2 – 27th September 2018: Ioribaiwa to Menari
Day 3 – 28th September 2018: Menari to 1900/Myola Junction
Day 4 – 29th September 2018: 1900/Myola Junction to Alola
Day 5 – 30th September 2018: Alola to Kokoda
Day 6 – 1st October 2018: Popondetta to Port Moresby


Update 25th September 2018

Trek 1135: Gabriel James just arrived in Port Moresby from his international flight and together with Tony Ogonemi and Eddie Ageda, they will play catch up to trek 1134 which left on their trek yesterday and spent last night at Ua’Ule Creek. Gabriel looks young and fit but still quite a challenge ahead as he will leave tomorrow morning 26th September and will walk off the track in Kokoda on the 30th September.

Update 26th September 2018

Trek 1135: Gabriel James a lone trekker took off from Owers’ Corner this morning around 7:30am with a tough challenge ahead of him as today will see him reach Ioribaiwa. The next night Maneri, followed by Naduri and Alola. The following day off the trek in Kokoda. He looks young and fit. Walking with him on this trek is Tony Ogonemi and Eddie Ageda from Kokoda.


Trek 1135: These guys are moving fast as by 2pm they were at Ioribaiwa and a decision was made to push on further to Ofi Creek. Gabriel must be really fit as he is even carrying his own backpack.

Update 27th September 2018

Trek 1135: Tony, Eddie and Gabriel coming up the rear, tonight finds them at Manari Village.

Update 28th September 2018

Trek 1135: Tony called to say they have reached 1900/Myola Junction. They have another tough day ahead of them tomorrow as they head to Alola or Isurava for the night. Picture the group tomorrow as they make their way along the track.

Update 29th September 2018

Trek updates: Both treks met up with each other today at Isurava Memorial where they had a service. Pat and his team later moved on down to Isurava Village and Tony decided to stay at Isurava Memorial. Pat said it was a big day for them today and he is so proud of his trekkers as they did really well. Unless they change their mind, the plan is to reach Kokoda around 1pm tomorrow afternoon. He said the guys with him are loving their experience which is great news. As for Gabriel, he is looking as fit as when he started two days after the lead group.

Update 30th September 2018

Trek Updates: Congratulations to both groups who walked off the track today and under the archway in Kokoda. Well done to each of you and to our guides and porters for taking such good care of you all. As for Gabriel James, what can I say, he did extremely well. Thank you all for choosing Kokoda Trekking to take you across the track.

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on Sep 26, 2018

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  • Nathan Thomas

    Message received from Gabriel.

    Hi Nathan, just emailing to provide some feedback from my trip and experience on last week’s fast trek.

    Firstly, I would like to say that if there were more Tony’s and Eddie’s in the world, it would be a better, more peaceful place. As I was the only trekker on he walk, I was able to get to know them and we got on really well. They were very friendly, easy to talk to and they took great care of me during the whole expedition, providing boiling water and meals for the day. The knowledge they had about the war throughout the trail was also brilliant, adding to the significance of being there and walking on the trail. They were both really good men, and I wish them infinite happiness. If this could be passed onto them that would be much appreciated.
    In addition to Tony and Eddie, I also found all other staff of Kokoda Trekking to be really friendly and helpful. I was picked up from the airport, and transported to the airport and the beginning of the trail, and I just enjoyed being around and talking to all the members. This relationship between Kokoda Trekking and their trekkers especially stood out to me, when walking past other companies on the trail, whose porters did not seem to have as much of a connection to the people taking part on the trail.
    To conclude on the staff, they showed great pride in their work and in the care of the trekkers, as well as also showing respect for the trail and its history.

    The trail itself was incredible and the villages in which we passed and stayed at were nice and well maintained. There was excellent views and it was a challenge that I really enjoyed and won’t forget. I wouldn’t have changed a thing about my experience on the trail, and you should be proud of the staff in which you have employed to guide visitors along the trail, including both Pat and the local PNG workers.
    Kokoda Trekking is a great company for those looking on challenging themselves and meeting the Papa New Guinean people.
    Thank you for the experience.

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