Kokoda Adventure Trek 1189

Kokoda Adventure Trek – Owers’ Corner to Kokoda

Date: 18 June 2019 – 26 June 2019

Commencing at Owers’ Corner on the 18th of June and finishing by walking into Kokoda on the 25th of June where you will overnight. The following day 26th June you will fly back into Port Moresby – Trek 1189/ 1152 – Guide Trevor Jinga


Day 1 – 18th June 2019 : Owers’ Corner to Ua’Ule Creek
Day 2 – 19th June 2019 : Ua’Ule Creek to Ofi Creek
Day 3 – 20th June 2019 : Ofi Creek to Agulogo
Day 4 – 21st June 2019 : Agulogo to Efogi
Day 5 – 22nd June 2019 : Efogi to 1900
Day 6 – 23rd June 2019 : 1900 to Eora Creek
Day 7 – 24th June 2019 : Eora Creek to Isurava Village
Day 8 – 25th June 2019 : Isurava Village to Kokoda
Day 9 – 26th June 2019 : Popondetta to Port Moresby

Update 18th June 2019

Trek 1152/1189: A lot happening today as this trek commenced when they were picked up from the Gateway Hotel this morning and are now heading towards the drop off point at Owers’ Corner. Whilst they are travelling by road to Owers’ Corner, ‘Trek 1190′ Angela, Kay and our KTL crew are making their way up to the archway, slogging away at the last climb. Trekkers today include: William and Waka Taylor along with Sarah Major. Some of the boys will finish at Owers’ Corner and will turn and walk back with this group. Ivan Semie, Lenny Enjeka and Deshon Harika will go to our base and wait for their 2nd July trek.

Its been a short day for them today as our guide heard of two other groups heading towards Owers’ Corner and a decision was made to stop at ‘Goodwater’ for the night.


Update 19th June 2019

Trek 1152/1189: This trek has now reached Ofi Creek where they will spend the night. Apparently our Japanese trekker got a fright today as she asked if there was still any spirits around as she claims she was scared by a ghost today. Trekkers did well and tomorrow will head to Agulogo for the night.


Update 20th June 2019

Trek 1152/1189: Trekkers had a tough day today walking up Maguli Range but they have made it to their destination of Agulogo for the night. Trevor turned the conversation when he called to the State of Origin. He is a ‘Blue’s’ supporter and naturally hoping they can even it up with QLD this coming weekend. Jersey’s heading up to PNG tomorrow and on our charter to Kokoda on the 23rd providing trekkers agree to hand carry them on their flight. Go QLD


Update 21st June 2019

Trek 1152/1189: Today this group reached the half way point of Efogi and decided to keep walking to Launumu (Efogi II). Tomorrow they will head to 1900/Myola Junction for the night. At the time I was talking to Trevor it was raining. Once again they have all done well today and looking forward to another days walk tomorrow.


Update 22nd June 2019

Trek 1152/1189: I woke up to this message from Trevor this morning: Hi Bossmeri, very thick cloud cover with rain yesterday. We had a big day with 3 uphills arriving at Efogi 2 at 3:30pm. Everyone was tired and they all went to bed early. Today we are heading to 1900, a short day and will try Myola if trekkers wish to do it. Waka is still scared of Japanese ghosts and is making Sarah laugh. unquote. A short time ago Trevor called to say they are indeed at 1900/Myola for the night. Apparently today they have experienced some rain showers.


Update 23rd June 2019

Trek 1152/1189: Tonight this group are at Eora Creek. They plan a short day tomorrow to meet up with the other group walking in the opposite direction for a service at Isurava Memorial. Everyone continues to do well.


Update 24th June 2019

Trek 1152/1189: Trevor just called to say instead of stopping at Isurava Memorial they decided to push on further down the track to Isurava Village for the night. It was at Isurava Village where they crossed paths with our other group walking in the opposite direction. I asked about his trekkers and was informed they are all excited to be walking off the track in Kokoda around 1pm tomorrow. Everyone continues to do well.


Update 25th June 2019

Trek 1152/1189: Congratulations are in order as trekkers a short time ago walked under the archway in Kokoda and are now relaxing in Kokoda. Tomorrow morning they will be driven down to Popondetta to catch their flight back to Port Moresby. Well done everyone, trekkers, guide and porters as well as the catering women who will cook and prepare your food during your stay in Kokoda.


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