Kokoda Adventure Trek 1188

Kokoda Adventure Trek – Kokoda to Owers’ Corner

Date: 26 August 2023 – 4 September 2023

Commencing in Kokoda on the 26th of August and finishing by walking off the track at Owers’ Corner on the 4th of September where you will met and driven back to Port Moresby accommodation Gateway Hotel. On the way you will stop at Bomana War Cemetery – Trek 1188


Day 1 – 26th August : POM – KOKODA – DENIKI
Day 2 – 27th August : DENIKI – ISURAVA
Day 5 – 30th August : BOMBER’S CAMP – EFOGI
Day 7 – 1st September : MENARI VILLAGE – NAURO VILLAGE
Day 10 – 4th September : GOLDIE RIVER – OWERS’ CNR – POM

Update 26th August 2023

Trek 1188: This trek is now underway as trekkers touched down in Popondetta this morning and are now on their way up to Kokoda. In Port Moresby Russell Eroro met them yesterday and saw them off this morning. At Popondetta airport waiting for them was Clement Harika their guide. As I write this, they are all inside the 4WDrive and heading towards Kokoda. Once they arrive in Kokoda they will meet up with our other KTL boys who will be their mates as they walk together along the Kokoda Trail. Their names are: Kingsley Eroro; Ivan Semie; Gary Juary; Johnsford Eroro; Thomas Eroro; Oliver Eroro and JJ.

Trek 1188 update: David and Jennifer and our KTL crew reached Deniki around 4pm this afternoon after stopping for a dip in the creek at Hoi. They are all doing fine and looking forward to walking into the Isurava Memorial tomorrow where they will spend the night.

Update 27th August 2023

Trek 1188: This morning this trek walked off in the rain from Deniki to head to Isurava Memorial for the remainder of the day and night.

Hope its not to slippery and they enjoy their walk despite the rain as they make their way along the Kokoda Trail.

Trek 1188: Our group reached Isurava Memorial this afternoon where they will spend the night. All continue to do well. This morning I was sent the photograph below from Ivan on WhatsApp. Ivan is just so happy to be back on the Kokoda Trail once again, his first walk since 2019. I know he will take such good care of Jenny to ensure she has a fantastic experience as they make their way up and down hills and across many river crossing’s.
Yesterday, the 26th August marked the day the 2/14th Battalion began to arrive at Isurava. The next day the Japanese mounted major and sustained attacks against their Isurava position which went on for 4 days and nights. Jungle cover was blown completely away with not a green stick remaining. Several years ago the late Stan Bisset invited myself and two others to his house for afternoon tea. He told us many stories but on the day he was just so proud of his rugby union cap and allowed Eric Uwea from Sogeri to try it on for size. On the way up to our visit we were invited for lunch at Bob McDonald’s unit. Bob was PJ McDonald’s son from the other end of the Kokoda Trail at Sogeri. Stan also shared the memory of loosing his brother at Isurava. It was both a wonderful and emotional day.

Photograph: Group pic taken this morning 27th August, 2023 at Deniki. Ivan Semie is the personal porter for Jenny and Gary Juary it would appear has already bonded with her brother David.

Update 28th August 2023

Trek 1188: Clement just called to say they decided on a short walk today and have stopped at Eora Creek for the night. He said the track is still muddy so they are just taking their time. The sat phone line was breaking up quite a bit so we did not talk for too long, main thing is that they are all preparing for dinner and to spend another night on the Kokoda Trail in the company of our KTL boys.

Update 29th August 2023

Trek 1188: Clement called in a few minutes ago from Templeton’s Crossing and said it rained quite heavy last night and that the track is very wet and muddy so today they are taking their time and may decide to stop at Dump 1 instead of heading to 1900. Despite the conditions, the group are still happy, a bit slower perhaps than planned but they have time on up their sleeves and if necessary can make it up the other end of the trail.

Update 30th August 2023

Trek 1188: This trek has now reached Naduri Village where they will spend the night. The rain has stopped and they made good progress today so headed on further up the track. Apparently not too many trekkers on the track so they pretty much have it to themselves. Jenny and David are both doing well along with our KTL boys. Gary Juary has not walked since 2019 and has a few aches and pains it seems but all is good and the boys too are enjoying themselves.

Update 31st August 2023

Trek 1188: Clement called to say tonight they are at Brigade Hill having arrived around 2:30pm this afternoon. Lunch was in Efogi at Landy Noel’s guesthouse area. The weather is fine now so no more mud. Again they have the area to themselves tonight with no other trekking company sharing with them.

Update 1st September 2023

Trek 1188: Tonight our trekkers and KTL boys are camped at Agulogo campsite for the night. Keep going trek 1188, we are following your progress as you make your way along the Kokoda Trail. Earlier today they walked through Menari Village before heading to their destination. Tomorrow picture them crossing Brown River.

Update 2nd September 2023

Trek 1188: Clement made contact with me from Maguli Range and also sent some photographs taken which I have just uploaded. He said they were all fine and were heading to Ioribaiwa for the night.

Update 3rd September 2023

Trek 1188: Tonight this trek have bedded down for the night at ‘Goodwater Campsite’ area. According to Clement they are excited and looking forward to walking under the archway at Owers’ Cnr tomorrow morning. They are walking at a slow pace and we expect them to finish their trek around 10:30. Picture them tomorrow making their way across Goldie River and walking up their last hill and under the archway.

Update 4th September 2023

Trek 1188: Congratulations are in order as this trek walked off the Kokoda Trail and under the archway and at the present time are on their way to Bomana War Cemetery. Well done to Jenny and her brother David as well as all our KTL boys. Those present in the photograph and the other 3 who turned back to Kokoda from day 4.
Owers’ Cnr. today 4th September, 2023. Left to Right: Jenny Sherratt, Ivan Semie, Clement Harika, Jay Jay Agai, Johnsford Eroro, Gary Juary and David Mosley.

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