Kokoda Adventure Trek 1185

Kokoda Adventure Trek Owers’ to Kokoda

Date: 26 June 2023 – 4th July 2023

Commencing at Owers’ Corner on the 26th June and finishing by walking into Kokoda on the 3rd July where you will overnight. The following day 4th July you will fly back into Port Moresby to end the trek. Trek 1185


  • Please note locations will only present when GPS has clear line of site with sky.


Day 1 – 26th June 2023 : Owers’ Corner to Ua’Ule Creek
Day 2 – 27th June 2023 : Ua’Ule Creek to Ofi Creek
Day 3 – 28th June 2023 : Ofi Creek to Agulogo
Day 4 – 29th June 2023 : Agulogo to Efogi
Day 5 – 30th June 2023 : Efogi to 1900
Day 6 – 1st July 2023 : 1900 to Eora Creek
Day 7 – 2nd July 2023 : Eora Creek to Isurava Village
Day 8 – 3rd July 2023 : Isurava Village to Kokoda
Day 9 – 4th July 2023 : Popondetta to Port Moresby

Update 26th June 2023

Trek 1185: Exciting day for us today as this trek got away from Owers’ Cr. with Clement Harika and our team of KTL porters. A sat phone call just now from Clement said they had reached their destination of Goodwater around 1:30pm this afternoon where they are now relaxing. Turns out there are a few different trekking companies that started today as well sharing the same campsite tonight. We commenced trekking tours in 2004 and have taken thousands over the Kokoda Trail but this is our first trek since covid cancelled flights for tourists in and out of PNG. so YES WE ARE BACK and ready again to take client bookings.



Update 27th June 2023

Trek 1185: The group have now reached Ofi Creek where they are camped for the night. Everyone is doing great and enjoying themselves. John appears to have had lots of adventures in his lifetime which he is sharing with our crew and they love it. Tomorrow they plan to pass through Nauro and head to Menari Village for the night.

Update 28th June 2023

Trek 1185: This trek has now reached Menari Village where they will spend the night. Tomorrow the plan is to walk through Efogi and head up to Kagi Village for the night.

Update 29th June 2023

Trek 1185: Clement just called in to say they stopped at Naduri for the night. Tomorrow they plan to walk into Myola before heading to Dump 1 for the night. He said everyone is ok and doing great. Taking it easy and enjoying the walk. Tonight they share the area with Billy Narai and his group. In 2004 we first started working with Billy Narai (from Sogeri) as a sub contractor before signing with Kokoda Trekking guides and porters based out of Kokoda. At that point in time the majority of trekking companies were not hiring anyone from Kokoda and surrounding areas. When KTL came on the scene, we employed hundreds of boys from all different villages right down to the coast. Oh, the memories I have of those early years are still with me as we kick off again in 2023 after covid closed us down in March 2020.

Update 30th June 2023

Trek 1185: Clement called a few minutes ago to say they all have enjoyed their day and are now at Dump 1. Earlier today they paid tribute to the late ‘Captain H T “Bert” Kienzle the man they called the architect of the Kokoda Trail’ when they took Paul into Myola Lakes to pass on the history that took place in that area during WWII. The weather continues to be ok therefore making good progress as they walk along the track. Clement grew up in Saga Village which is very close to Mamba Estates, which was the Kienzle family home in Kokoda.

Tomorrow the plan is to head to Alola Village.

Update 1st July 2023

Trek 1185: This trek has now reached Alola Village and have had a good day having crossed over Eora Creek before making their way up the mountain to reach their destination. Paul is already asking about where he can buy some beer! Clement advised that he no longer drinks but no doubt the other boys will join with him in a few once they reach Kokoda. Tomorrow they will walk into Isurava Memorial area before heading down to Deniki to spend their last night.

Update 2nd July 2023

Trek 1185: This group left the Isurava Memorial area and have now reached Isurava Village a short distance away where they are resting before heading further down the trail to spend their last night before walking out in Kokoda tomorrow and under the archway.

Trek 1185: This trek has settled in for the night at Deniki. Paul’s knees are giving him a bit of grief but apart from that, they are all happy and well and looking forward to walking off the track tomorrow sometime.

Update 3rd July 2023

Trek 1185: A warm welcome was given to Paul and the KTL team when they arrived at the Eroro Family block in Kokoda. Kingsley (kini’s) daughter was there to place some flowers around their necks to welcome Paul and their family safely back home. She is the little one standing with her father.

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