Kokoda Adventure Trek 1168

Kokoda Adventure Trek Owers’ to Kokoda

Date: 18 September 2019 – 26 September 2019

Commencing at Owers’ Corner on the 18th September and finishing by walking into Kokoda on the 25th of September where you will overnight. The following day 26th September you will fly back into Port Moresby to end the trek. Trek 1168



Day 1 – 18th September 2019 : Owers’ Corner to Ua’Ule Creek
Day 2 – 19th September 2019 : Ua’Ule Creek to Ofi Creek
Day 3 – 20th September 2019 : Ofi Creek to Agulogo
Day 4 – 21st September 2019 : Agulogo to Efogi
Day 5 – 22nd September 2019 : Efogi to 1900
Day 6 – 23rd September 2019 : 1900 to Eora Creek
Day 7 – 24th September 2019 : Eora Creek to Isurava Village
Day 8 – 25th September 2019 : Isurava Village to Kokoda
Day 9 – 26th September 2019 : Popondetta to Port Moresby

Update 18th September 2019

Trek 1168: This group were picked up this morning and are already on the track having left Owers’ Corner a short time ago. Trekkers are made up as follows: Wayne and Simon Puckett; Matt and Andrew Robertson along with Ana Elena Sotropa. Guide: Harold Hauro. Personal Porters: Emmanuel Eroro and Trevor Jinga. Food Porters: Kini (Kingsley) Eroro; Solomon Eroro and George Gawa.

Update 19th September 2019

Trek 1168: This trek spent last night at Ua’Ule Creek and this morning are on the move heading towards Ioribaiwa Village. The plan this afternoon is to head further along the track to Ofi Creek. According to Harold, everyone did well yesterday.

Update 20th September 2019

Trek 1168: This trek ended up at Ofi Creek around 1:30pm yesterday. Think of them all today as they walk up Maguli Range followed by Nauro Village and then down to Agulogo for the night.

Update 21st September 2019

Trek 1168: Message from Harold regarding evening of 21st September: ‘Hi Boss Meri, we got to Agulogo around 2:30pm. All trekkers and porters are doing fine. We got into camp in time then it started raining. Mud is not much of a problem as the track is pretty dry. Tomorrow we are heading for the half way point of Efogi but not before we cross Brown River and pass through Menari Village on our way up to Brigade Hill. Cheers Harold’ unquote. So think of them today out in the hot sun experiencing all that the Kokoda Trail offers as they make their way to Efogi for the night.

Trek 1168: Trekkers are now relaxing for the night in Efogi Village the half way point. Harold said they experienced a bit of rain today but nothing to worry about as its not too muddy. Everyone continues to do well.

Update 22nd September 2019

Trek 1168: This trek had a short trek today and arrived at 1900 around 12:30pm. Tomorrow the plan is to head to Iora Creek for the night. Keep up the good work guys, you are almost to Kokoda.

Update 23rd September 2019

Trek 1168: Its not just raining in Port Moresby but also on the track itself. Text message just received from Harold Hauro: ‘Hi b’meri, trek 1168 arrived at Iora Creek at 3:30pm. We are all doing fine. Trek is very wet and muddy and raining after lunch up until early hours of the morning. Tomorrow we will head for Isurava Village for our last night on the track.’ Harold.

GPS may be effected due to the rain.

Update 24th September 2019

Trek 1168: For their last night on the track, this group have now reached Isurava Village. They are all no doubt looking forward to walking off the track tomorrow. Harold estimates it will be around 1pm. Everyone is ok.

Update 25th September 2019

Trek 1168: Congratulations are in order as this trek walked out in Kokoda and under the archway a short time ago. They are now relaxing in Kokoda and will return to Port Moresby tomorrow morning. Well done to our trekkers, guide and crew. Put your feet up now boys, your last trek of the 2019, enjoy a well earned break away from the track. Thank you to Trevor Jinga for providing these photographs for us.

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