Kokoda Adventure Trek 1159

Kokoda Adventure Trek – Owers’ Corner to Kokoda

Date: 01 August 2019 – 09 August 2019

Commencing at Owers’ Corner on the 1st of August and finishing by walking into Kokoda on the 8th of August where you will overnight. The following day 9th of August you will fly back into Port Moresby – Trek 1159


Day 1 – 1st August 2019 : Owers’ Corner to Ua’Ule Creek
Day 2 – 2nd August 2019 : Ua’Ule Creek to Ofi Creek
Day 3 – 3rd August 2019 : Ofi Creek to Agulogo
Day 4 – 4th August 2019 : Agulogo to Efogi
Day 5 – 5th August 2019 : Efogi to 1900
Day 6 – 6th August 2019 : 1900 to Eora Creek
Day 7 – 7th August 2019 : Eora Creek to Isurava Village
Day 8 – 8th August 2019 : Isurava Village to Kokoda
Day 9 – 9th August 2019 : Popondetta to Port Moresby

Update 31st July 2019

Trek 1159: Our guide Clement Harika seen here at Jackson’s airport meeting up 3 of our past trekkers and two newcomers. Welcome back to Darrell Lawlor; John Medland and Jessica Barjaktarovic along with Katharine Kelly and Sally Winch.

Update 1st August 2019

Trek 1159: This morning trekkers were picked up from the Gateway Hotel around 6am. Apparently ‘The Gateway Hotel’ provided them with a takeaway breakie of ‘Toasted Sandwiches and hot Chips’. A short time later saw them at Bomana War Cemetery. Trekkers in this group include: Darrell Lawlor; John Medland; Jessica Barjaktarovic; Katharine (Katie) Kelly and Sally Winch. Darrell returning for his third walk across the track requested some of his favourite crew. Guide Clement Harika and Tony Ogonemi as his porter.

Other crew on this trek are made up as follows: Ivan Semie; Rolanson Umbu; Johnsford Eroro; Emmanuel Eroro; Ramsy Idau; Guyford Suma; Roget Hango; McKenzie Didime; George Gava and Brendan Buka. Have just been advised that trekkers left Owers’ Corner at 9:30am

Trek 1159: Clement called to inform us that they reached their destination of Ua’Ule Creek between 4-5pm this afternoon. He said everyone is ok and did well today. Tomorrow they will have a short day and the plan is to head to Ofi Creek for the night.

Update 2nd August 2019

Trek 1159: As planned this trek has pulled up for the day at Ofi Creek. After talking with Clement it seems they are all getting along well with each other. This afternoon was relaxing as they know tomorrow they have a big day ahead of them as they make their way up Maguli Range, through the village of Nauro and down to Agulogo for the night.

Update 3rd August 2019

Trek 1159: I have just been talking to Clement via Facebook Messenger at Maguli Range. He sent me some photographs which I have just posted. Others have gone ahead and he is at the present time down the back walking with Katie (Katharine). She is doing fine, just taking her time. Others seem like they are out the front heading to Nauro along with the other personal porters and food porters. Clement confirmed that they will be passing through Nauro and moving down to Agulogo for the night. Group Photograph below was taken earlier today at Ofi Creek.

Update 4th August 2019

Trek 1159: Clement just called to say they are all now safely at Efogi the half way point. Katie was last to arrive with the others arriving around 5:30pm. They experienced some rain today around Manari but it had stopped by the time I was talking to him. He said they are all good and continue to do well.

Update 5th August 2019

Trek 1159: Trekkers and crew now find themselves at 1900/Myola Junction tonight. Clement said they pretty much have the track to themselves. Same thing today, Katie at the rear and the others out the front. Katies is doing ok just taking her time and doing it at her speed. They will be at Eora Creek tomorrow night. Said a few showers and some wind at the moment.

Update 6th August 2019

Trek 1159: Text message just received from Clement from our sat phone. ‘Hi boss, we stopped at Templeton’s Crossing as the track is very wet, raining at the moment. Trekkers and staff are all in good shape. Cheers, Clement’

Update 7th August 2019

Trek 1159: The trek arrived at Isurava Monument this afternoon. Clement advised that the track was really wet due to the rain. All trekkers and staff continue to do well and are looking forward to ending the trek tomorrow in Kokoda.

Think of them as they make their way down to Kokoda and through the Archway as they complete The Adventure of a Lifetime!!!

For Darrell, John and Jessica it will be the 3rd time they have completed the trek with Kokoda Trekking.

For Katie and Sally it is the first trek they have completed on Kokoda and sure it will be a memorable experience having walked the track in honor of friends and loved ones. “Doing it for My Mates”

Update 8th August 2019

Trek 1159 : Trekker’s have now reached Kovelo Village and are now on the homeward stretch to finish in Kokoda!!!

How exciting to see the photographs of our happy campers. More to come once they are in Kokoda and at the finish line as they say.

Trek 1159 : Congratulation are in order for Darrell, John, Jessica, Katie & Sally who have now completed the trek in Kokoda by walking through the Kokoda Archway.

You and your fellow trekkers have just completed your “Kokoda Adventure Trek” that has allowed you to take in the most beautiful scenery along the way. Along the track, you will have climbed and descended more than 10,000 meters. Well done you are now part of an elite group of individuals to have experienced the Kokoda Track.

Trekker’s will now settle in for a well earned rest before travelling back to Port Moresby tomorrow.

Thank you again for choosing “Kokoda Trekking” for your Adventure Of a Lifetime!!!

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  • Nathan Thomas

    Message from:
    From: Diane Kelly
    Subject: Well done Sal and Kate

    Message Body:
    So good to get daily updates and photos. So proud of you both. Keep on keeping on. Your fund is over the $4000 Kate. Love, Diane

  • Shirley Richards

    Congrats to Sally and Katie and all the successful trekkers. You’re on your last day and you’ve done it!
    Thanks to Kokoda Trekking for the photos and daily reports – much appreciated by family – especially mums. XX

    • Nathan Thomas

      Hi Shirley,

      Thank you for your message to your friends and fellow trekkers. I will pass this message on to them once they phone in this afternoon at trek’s end. Photographs from the trek will be posted once our camera arrives back at our base so should hopefully have them up tomorrow evening.

      Kind Regards, Nathan Thomas

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