Kokoda Adventure Trek 1155

Kokoda Adventure Trek Owers’ to Kokoda

Date: 2 July 2019 – 10 July 2019

Commencing at Owers’ Corner on the 2nd of July and finishing by walking into Kokoda on the 9th of July where you will catch a charter flight back to Port Moresby. Trek 1155 Guide Ivan Semie


Day 1 – 2nd July: Owers’ Cnr to Ua’Ule Creek
Day 2 – 3rd July: Ua’Ule Creek to Ofi Crek
Day 3 – 4th July: Ofi Creek to Agulogo
Day 4 – 5th July: Agulogo to Efogi
Day 5 – 6th July: Efogi to 1900/Myola Junction
Day 6 – 7th July: Myola Junction to Eora Creek
Day 7 – 8th July: Eora Creek to Hoi
Day 8 – 9th July: Hoi to Kokoda Airstrip. Charter back to Port Moresby – Hotel
Day 9 – 10th July: Hotel
Day 9 – 11th July: Trekkers depart this day.

Update 2nd July 2019

Trek 1155: Ivan called to say the group were at Ua’Ule Creek for the night. He said the track was wet today but they still did well. Tomorrow they head to Ofi Creek for the night.

Update 3rd July 2019

Trek 1155: Ivan called to say they reached Ofi Creek and all was ok with everyone. Father and daughter are out the front leading the way with our staff but all doing just fine. Picture them today heading to Nauro Village and later pushing down to Agulogo for the night.


Update 4th July 2019

Trek 1155 and Trek 1154: are now one group as both treks have together and are at Agulogo tonight. Tomorrow the group will pass the half way point of Efogi before heading to Efogi II for the night.


Update 5th July 2019

Trek Updates: Both treks continue to walk together and are now at Efogi II for the night. However, yesterday Inesa Huremovi unfortunately slipped over and was airlifted off the track today and is now back at the Gateway Hotel as she was unable to continue walking as she hurt her knee. Everyone else is doing well. Kate and Tahlia walked into the campsite area around 4pm with the father and daughter arriving around 6pm. Tomorrow they head to Dump 1 for the night. The trek is wet at the moment.


Update 7th July 2019

Trek 1155: This trek stopped at Dump 1 last night as Shaun had a tough day yesterday and needed some rest. This morning he is ok and they are once again making good progress as they head towards Templeton’s Crossing; Eora Creek; Alola Village before walking to Isurava Memorial or Isurava Village for their last night on the track. Keep going Shaun, not too far now, you can do this.

The Trek has stopped at Eoro Creek for the night. Shaun is not feeling well so have made the decision to chopper him out of this location and his daughter will join him.

Update 8th July 2019

Trek 1155: Not such good news for this group of 3. Inesa Huremovi was air lifted out of Nauro due to slipping over and damaging her knee. The remaining two trekkers father and daughter, Leila and Shaun were doing ok until Shaun got sick around Dump 1/Templeton’s Crossing area. At Eora Creek a decision was made that he could no longer continue and a helicopter went in to pick him up. Leila did not want to leave her father so she decided not to finish her trek and flew back to Port Moresby today to be with her father. News just in is that he is ok and was released from PIH and taken back to the Gateway Hotel.

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