Kokoda Adventure Trek 1122

Kokoda Adventure Trek – Kokoda to Owers’ Cnr

Date: 10 July 2018 – 18 July 2018

Commencing in Kokoda on the 9th of July and finishing by walking off the track at Owers’ Corner on the 18th of July where you will met and driven back to Port Moresby. On the way you will stop at Bomana War Cemetery – Trek 1122



Day 1 – 10th July: POM – KOKODA – ISURAVA
Day 2 – 11th July: ISURAVA – IORA CREEK
Day 4 – 13th July: TEMPLETON’S CROSSING – 1900
Day 5 – 14th July: 1900 – MENARI
Day 6 – 15th July: MENARI – NAORO
Day 7 – 16th July: NAORO – VA’ULE CREEK
Day 8 – 17th July: VA’ULE CREEK – GOLDIE RIVER
Day 9 – 18th July: OWERS’ CORNER – POM

Update 10th July 2018

Trek 1122: This trek flew into Kokoda earlier today and are now on the track. Trekkers are: Michael; Raphael and Marco Muranty; Darrell Lawlor; John Medland; Jessica Barjaktarovic; Molly Anne Hadfield and Naomi Mackin. They are walking with Clement Harika as the guide plus: Ivan Semie; Tony Ogonemi; Vincent Idau; Chris Lahai; Roland Mambia; Ernst Jinga; Clive Jinga; Darren Ami; Essau Tuturia; Felix Haera and Skyshen Duna.

Trek 1122: This trek have now stopped for the night at Deniki. Everyone is ok and doing well. Tomorrow they head to Alola for the night. Plenty of people on the track at the moment so lots of interaction with other trekking companies as they pass each other on the track.

Update 11th July 2018

Trek 1122: This group are now at Alola Village for the night. Have not heard from Clement today but see they arrived at their destination after 5pm this afternoon.

Update 12th July 2018

Trek 1122: Clement called earlier from Eora Creek. He said the track is wet and slippery and they have experienced rain and with lots of trekkers, the going is tough much like April treks. However, despite all of this, everyone is doing well and tonight find themselves at Templeton’s Crossing and by the sounds of it, they will have the company of a couple of other trekking companies sharing the same campsite.

Update 13th July 2018

Trek 1122: Today saw this group head to Naduri Village for the night. Clement called earlier this afternoon and said they were all ok and enjoying their trek. In this group we have three previous trekkers who walked with us same time last year. Darrell Lawlor, John Medland and Jessica Barjaktarovic only in the opposite direction. We thank them for choosing to walk with us again.

They will notice that there is a new plaque in Naduri, thanks to IPI; Kokoda Memorial Foundation, Zac Zacharias and Nikki George.

Update 14th July 2018

Trek 1122: Clement phoned from Brigade Hill to say they were all ok and were heading to Menari for the night. Still plenty of trekkers making their way in both directions but track is now ok on the other side of the half way point. Tomorrow they will make their way to Nauro for the night. I asked about the two girls carrying their own backpacks and it seems they are doing well as with the others on this trek.

Update 15th July 2018

Trek 1122: Have not heard from Clement today but his GPS shows they reached Agulogo around 2pm so pretty sure they may have kept going to Nauro but will advise as soon as he makes contact.

  • Clement just called and confirmed that they are now at Nauro and have the guesthouse area to themselves. Everyone continues to do well. Tomorrow the plan is to reach Ioribaiwa.

Update 16th July 2018

Trek 1122: Clement called to say they have reached their destination of Ioribaiwa and that they are all ok. A few blisters but nothing to worry about. Apparently today they experienced some rain but track is still ok. Tomorrow they will head to Goodwater Campsite area for their last night on the track.

Update 17th July 2018

Trek 1122: Clement called a short time ago to say they are all settled in at Goldie River for the night and excited to be finishing the trek tomorrow morning when they walk up their last hill and under the archway at Owers’ Corner. Not far now and you will be at the finish line. One more river crossing! Everyone is still ok.

Update 18th July 2018

Trek 1122: Trekkers have now completed the 96km crossing of the Kokoda Track. Congratulations are in order as trekkers and our staff are now back in Port Moresby following their successful walk across the Kokoda Trail. Well done everyone from all of us here at Kokoda Trekking.

You and your fellow trekkers have just completed one of our most popular trek’s that has allowed you to take in the most beautiful scenery along the way at a more relaxed pace. Along the track, you will have climbed and descended more than 10,000 meters. Well done you are now part of an elite group of individuals to have experienced the Kokoda Track


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