Kokoda Adventure Trek 1119

Kokoda Adventure Trek – Kokoda to Owers’ Cnr

Date: 22 June 2018 – 29 June 2018

Commencing at Kokoda on the 22nd of June and finishing by walking off the track at Owers’ Corner on the 29th of June where you will met and driven back to Port Moresby. On the way you will stop at Bomana War Cemetery – Trek 1119


Day 1 – 22nd June: KOKODA – DENEKI
Day 2 – 23 June: DENEKI – IORA CREEK
Day 5 – 26th June: KAGI – MENARI
Day 6 – 27th June: MENARI – NAURO
Day 7 – 28th June: NAURO – UA-ULE CREEK
Day 8 – 29th June: UA’ULE CREEK – OWERS’ CORNER

Update 22nd June 2018

Trek 1119: made up of: Anna Burton; Peter Lovett; Todd Leydecker and Oliver Cox. They are presently making their way to their destination for tonight. Trekkers from our previous two treks, Trek 1117 & 1118 were flown back in Port Moresby on the same charter. Some have flown home and a few are spending another night in Port Moresby.

Trek 1119: Gary Juary (Guide) on this trek just called to say they have stopped at Deniki for the night. Seems everyone did well today and at the moment are just relaxing around the guesthouse area. A big group of boys on this trek so they should not have any problems as some were supposed to fly in on our charter today but due to weight could not get on. Turns out they have decided to tag along with Gary’s group for ticket money. Tomorrow the plan is to stop at Alola for the night. Trekkers will no doubt look back towards Kokoda and ask themselve how far they have come today.

Update 23rd June 2018

Trek 1119: This trek are now at Alola Village for the night and everyone is doing just fine according to Gary who phoned a short time ago. He said they reached the village around 2pm this afternoon. A big day ahead of them tomorrow as their aim is Dump 1. Earlier today they were at one of the highlights of the track, Isurava Memorial. Please note: photographs posted whilst they are out on the track is from our library stock. Their photographs will be posted once our camera arrives back to our base in Port Moresby.

Update 24th June 2018

Trek 1119: Gary called to say they are at Dump 1. Tomorrow they are heading to Efogi II for the night. He stated that all are ok with no problems which is excellent news. Apparently its a dry track at the moment so no slipping and sliding on this trek it would seem.

Update 25th June 2018

Trek 1119: A big day today! They arrived at Efogi II around 3pm this afternoon. Tomorrow they head to Menari for the night. Gary assures me everyone is still ok and doing well.

Update 26th June 2018

Trek 1119: This trek has now reached Menari Village and continue to do well. Tomorrow they head to Ofi Creek for the night. Earlier today they walked from Efogi up to Brigade Hill and paid their respects.

Update 28th June 2018

Trek 1119: This Trek is now perfectly positioned to walk off the track at Ower’s Corner tomorrow morning. Everyone has done well and are looking forward to walking up their last hill as they head towards the archway around 7:00am. At the moment for their last night on the track they are at Goldie River for the night.

Update 29th June 2018

Trek 1119: Congratulations are in order as trekkers and our staff are now back in Port Moresby following their successful walk across the Kokoda Trail. Well done everyone from all of us here at Kokoda Trekking.

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