Kokoda Adventure Trek 1118

Kokoda Adventure Trek – Owers’ Corner to Kokoda

Date: 15 June 2018 – 22 June 2018

Commencing at Owers’ Corner on the 15th of June and finishing by walking into Kokoda on the 21st of June where you will overnight at Orohaven Retreat. The following day 22nd of June you will fly back into Port Moresby – Trek 1118


Day 1 – 15th June: Owers’ Cnr to Goodwater
Day 2 – 16th June: Goodwater to Ofi Creek
Day 3 – 17th June: Ofi Creek to Menari
Day 4 – 18th June: Menari to 1900/Myola Junction
Day 5 – 19th June: 1900 Myola Junction to Eora Creek
Day 6 – 20th June: Eora Creek to Hoi
Day 7 – 21st June: Hoi to Kokoda
Day 8 – 22nd June: Kokoda to Port Moresby

Update 15th June 2018

Trek 1118: This trek got away from Owers’ Corner this morning around 9:30am. Trekkers in this group include: Kevin Flanagan; Lee Inglis; Andrew Brown; Linda Seagrave; Billy Cullen; Jason Farrugia and Michael Vlcek. Any photographs taken today will be uploaded later as camera makes its way back to our base. As I type this they have no doubt crossed over Goldie River and making their way up to Ua’Ule Creek for the night.

Trek 1118: Apparently a short walk today as the group have decided to stop at Goodwater for the night.

Update 16th June 2018

Trek 1118: Ramsy Idau the guide on this trek phoned up a short time ago to say they are at Ofi Creek for the night and that everyone is doing well. One trekker is not liking the heat of PNG too much but thats the tropics. Linda is asking if anyone is following her back home and to start posting messages to her.

Update 17th June 2018

Trek 1118: This trek is now bedded down for the night at the Village of Menari. They too are feeling the heat as its quite hot on the track at the moment and coming from a winter in Australia, no doubt takes some getting used to the heat and humidity of the tropics. Tomorrow they intend to reach Efogi the half way point. I informed Ramsy to check his text messages on his sat phone and show them to Linda.

Update 18th June 2018

Trek 1118: Just received a sat phone call from Ramsy who sounded just so excited as he told me about their day. He said everyone is really happy as they have now reached Naduri Village. He showed Linda all the messages you all wrote that I sent as text messages to his sat phone. He said to tell you that she was very happy when she read them. They have the majority of big climbs out of the way now, well except for a couple, haha, but more down’s than up’s. Keep going trek 1118, you will be able to see Kokoda in the distant tomorrow as you reach the Kokoda Gap.

Update 19th June 2018

Treks 1117 & 1118: Eric has advised that they are now at Alola Village sharing with another trekking company. They are perfectly positioned to head down to Deniki for the night tomorrow and walk off the track mid morning into Kokoda. Trek 1118 that commenced a day later are now at Templeton’s Crossing and will head to Isurava Memorial tomorrow night which should see them reach Kokoda mid afternoon on the 21st. Both treks advised its hot, no rain but nights have been very cold after passing the half way point of Efogi.

Update 20th June 2018

Treks 1117 & 1118: Both treks are perfectly positioned to walk off the track and into Kokoda tomorrow. Trek 1117 has pulled up for the night at Isurava Village. Trek 1118 is now at Deniki. Everyone is ok and all are looking forward to walking off the track tomorrow. Earlier today both treks stopped at Isurava Memorial to pay their respects before moving further on down the track.

Update 21st June 2018

Trek 1117: This trek has now reached Kokoda and have just walked under the archway. Congratulations to each and everyone of you and our Kokoda Trekking boys. Enjoy your day in Kokoda before you fly back tomorrow morning.

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