Kokoda Adventure Trek 1111

Kokoda Adventure Trek – Owers’ Corner to Kokoda

Date: 11 May 2018 – 18 May 2018

Commencing at Owers’ Corner on the 11th of May and finishing by walking into Kokoda on the 17th of May where you will overnight prior to returning to Port Moresby. The following day 18th of May you will fly back into Port Moresby – Trek 1111



Day 1 – 11th May: Owers’ Cnr to Goodwater
Day 2 – 12th May: Goodwater to Ofi Creek
Day 3 – 13th May: Ofi Creek to Menari
Day 4 – 14th May: Menari to 1900/Myola Junction
Day 5 – 15th May: 1900 Myola Junction to Eora Creek
Day 6 – 16th May: Eora Creek to Hoi
Day 7 – 17th May: Hoi to Kokoda
Day 8 – 18th May: Kokoda to Port Moresby


Update 11th May 2018

Trek 1111 – this group have reached Ua’Ule Creek for the night along with our other group walking in the opposite direction.

Update 12th May 2018

Trek 1111: Harold Hauro the guide for this trek called to say that they are having a break at Ioribawa and will be spending a night at Ofi. So far so good but one trekker already has blisters and another trekker is at the rear taking it slow but overall all trekkers doing ok. Heavy rain yesterday so Harold has decided to stop at Ofi Creek for the night.

Update 13th May 2018

Trek 1111: Harold Hauro just phoned me from Maguli Range. He informed me that they spent last night at Ofi Creek and today are heading to Agulogo. Matthew is the one with blisters but is still doing ok. Apparently not much other traffic on the track with the exception of ourselves at this point, so no giving way to other trekking companies. He said dry at the moment but looking at the sky, he suspects rain later on this morning. Everyone continues to do well.

Update 14th May 2018

Trek 1111: This group have reached the half way point of Efogi. According to Harold no problems whatsoever and tomorrow they head to Dump 1 for the night.


Update 15th May 2018

Trek 1111: Harold just reported in to say they have just reached Templeton’s Crossing I. It seems our treks in May have had the track all to themselves and they have not run into any other trekking companies. All trekkers are doing ok. Peter, Bradley and Simon are out the front with Ian and Matthew in the middle and Graham coming up the rear. Tom was not mentioned so am assuming he is somewhere in the middle. Seeing as Graham has been operated on re his knees, he is doing extremely well. Tomorrow night they hope to reach Alola Village.

Update 16th May 2018

Trek 1111: Harold phoned to say they have now reached Alola Village and will walk off the track tomorrow afternoon. He said trekkers are looking forward to successfully completing their trek. Picture them tomorrow as they walk into Isurava Memorial. Please note: due to a flight change by PNGAir from a morning departure to a late afternoon departure, we were forced to cancel tickets and put on a charter to move trekkers out of Kokoda so they caught their connections back home. As a result, trekkers will be accommodated at Clement Harika’s guesthouse area tomorrow night and will fly direct from Kokoda back to Port Moresby on the 18th May estimated time 8:45am.

Update 17th May 2018

Trek 1111: Its been a long hard day for this group as just now I spoke to Ivan Semie and he informed me he was reaching the Kokoda Archway a few minutes ago around 5pm this afternoon. Imagine them earlier throughout the day as they walked through the wild choko fields; looked out over Kokoda at Deniki lookout and imagined themselves finishing their trek in Kokoda and walking through the archway. Well done everyone from all of us here at Kokoda Trekking. Well done KTL staff and guide Harold Hauro.


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