Kokoda 7 Day Trek 1142

Kokoda 7 Day Trek – Ower’s Corner to Kokoda

Date: 10 May 2018 – 16 May 2018

Commencing at Owers’ Corner on the 10th of May and finishing by walking into Kokoda on the 15th of May where you will overnight at Orohaven Retreat. The following day 16th of May you will fly back into Port Moresby – Trek 1142


*Please Note that GPS location points will not show until trek begins


Day 1: 10th May – Owers’ Corner to Ioribaiwa Village
Day 2: 11th May – Ioribaiwa Village to Agulogo
Day 3: 12th May – Agulogo to Naduri
Day 4: 13th May – Efogi to Templeton’s Crossing II
Day 5: 14th May – Templeton’s Crossing II to Isurava Memorial
Day 6: 15th May – Isurava Memorial to Kokoda then to Orohaven Pija Retreat
Day 7: 16th May – Orohaven Pija Retreat to Popondetta then to Port Moresby

Update 10th May 2018

Trek 1142: This trek got underway early this morning and are now on the track. Photographs will follow later. On this trek we have: Charlie Bell; Richard Maas; Huw Robb; David Ward; Andrew Jackson; Charles Knight; James Hockey; John Boag and Nick Ray. The guide for this trek is Tony Ogonemi from Iora Block in Kokoda. Personal porters are Kingsley Boropi and Tom Hango. The plan today is to reach Ioribaiwa Village but with so many of them carrying their own backpacks, its a wait and see where they stop tonight as Tony may pull them up at Ua’Ule Creek depending on how they handle the conditions of the track.

Update 11th May 2018

Trek 1142: Tony Ogomeni (Guide) called this morning to say they spent the night at Ua’Ule Creek. All trekkers did really well yesterday. The plan for today is to reach Nauro Village. Some showers yesterday but not enough to worry them. Today they will cross paths with our other trek heading towards them who come off the track tomorrow morning. So no doubt a few moments of chatting will occur before they all move on in different directions.

Trek 1142: This trek is now at Nauro Village for the nigh

All trekkers on each trek are doing well. Some heavy rain today so trekkers will be able to say they have experienced all kinds of conditions on the track.

Update 13th May 2018

Trek 1142: Tony (Guide)  just called me from Efogi Village. Turns out he is walking with a bunch of ‘farmers’ who told him, nothing will bother us, as we are tough and can handle anything! He thanked me for this trek and said they are all having lots of fun, telling jokes, playing cards and enjoying themselves. The plan for today is to head to Myola Junction/1900 and walk into Myola and back again and end up at Templeton’s Crossing I for the night. Apparently they are all a pretty fit group of farmers! My father spent his life as a farmer so I can relate as he too was fit and now at 89 will still not slow down!


Update 14th May 2018

Trek 1142: Tony just called me. They have now reached Isurava Memorial and have decided to stop there for the night. Tomorrow they will have an 8am start and make their way to Kokoda through the wild choko fields stopping at Hoi for a swim to cool off before heading to the finish line. According to Tony, everyone is happy and looking forward to tomorrow. I told him to check the text messages I sent him from you all and to read them out to the trekkers.

Update 15th May 2018

Trek 1142 & 1113: Two groups now moving as one and have just left Kovelo so are close to finishing their treks, estimate now 2:30pm in Kokoda. Picture them as they walk towards Kokoda. Our KTL boys per the norm, make a headdress for them just like the girl in this photograph below. No doubt they have done something similar for this group of trekkers to add to the excitement of finishing their trek. I am now getting regular updates….they have just left Kovelo…no too long now! Two 4WDrives are ready and waiting for them and Maryanne is picking up the Pizza ingredients for their meal tonight.

Trek 1142 & Trek 1113: Congratulations are in order as both sets of trekkers walked off the track and under the archway in Kokoda around 2:30pm this afternoon. Very soon they will head down to Pija for the night before flying back to Port Moresby tomorrow morning. Well done everyone from all of us here at Kokoda Trekking.


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