Intimate and Personalised Experience

Don’t want to feel as though you are just another face in the herd?

We at Kokoda Trekking feel it is important to keep trekker number’s low so that your experience and safety is of the highest priority.

The Kokoda Trail can be a busy location. When trekking, smaller group sizes are more intimate and offer a more personalised experience.  You’re not just paying for a holiday, you are paying for an adventure and experience of a lifetime.

Prior to booking your Kokoda Trek you should always check the maximum group size each operator offers for an ‘open’ trek. Each operator must display a maximum group size on their website as a rule set by the KTA (Kokoda Track Authority). If they do not display this I would highly recommend asking the question, so that you ensure you receive the most personalised experience whilst walking on the Kokoda Track.

We at “Kokoda Trekking” keep our “Open” groups small and personilised :

    1. Maximum 15 trekkers Australian Guided.
    2. Maximum 10 trekkers Local Guided (Kokoda Adventure Trek’s, Kokoda Fast Trek’s, Kokoda 7 Day Trek)

Keeping trekking numbers low ensures you get easy access to Guides & Staff, you get space to appreciate the spectacular scenery and access to some of the most experienced guides and porters along the track.

Oh and rest assured we do not cancel trek’s due to lack of numbers. All the treks we create are guaranteed to depart, even with a minimum of one person, so you needn’t worry about last minute cancellations. It is always good to check minimum requirements as most operators will have minimum requirements.

Visit our trekking schedule for upcoming treks, taking into consideration we can create any date range to suit your needs seven days a week commencing in either direction as we are based in Australia and locally in PNG.

Should you wish to trek with a larger group, we do offer great private trek packages for schools, corporate or even larger groups of friends and family. A private trek option is more suitable for larger trek’s but when deciding to walk as a “Private Trek do consider your numbers. Private groups can also be split into smaller trek’s to allow more access to guides and staff.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.


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