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    24 HOUR RATION PACKS: All our food ration packs are prepared on the Gold Coast by my two daughters, Cheree Kearney & Mikayla Roger who have started their own company, Food4Treks.

    Each trekker is expected to carry one day's ration of food which weighs around 1kg. Each morning a new ration pack is given to you by our Kokoda Trekking (KTL) food porters. Any remaining food leftover from the previous day can be handed to them.

    Every effort is made to ensure your food is of a high quality. Used by dates are carefully checked. If you suffer from certain alergies or on a special diet, we suggest you check the contents of our packs, details of which can be found by clicking on their website:


    For anyone on a special diet it is asked that you bring with you some food of your own to supplement what you may not be able to eat based on the detailed listing of what is included in our ration packs.

    Food is packed and shipped to PNG where we pack again according to your trek number. Food is distributed by us to the half way point of Efogi and the remainder is either sent down to Kokoda if you are commencing your trek from that end or is packed and carried by our food porters from Ower's Corner.

    The packs were initially introduced in April 2005 and have been continually refined ever since based on trekker feedback. We feel we now have a mix that suits most trekkers and where possible we also purchae from villagers local food to supplement our ration packs.

    Food4Treks now have an A, B & C pack that has been especially designed for our Kokoda Trekkers. Wherever possible depending on stock levels, we try and rotate them around so that you end up with various packs rather than the same for the whole 9 days. The main meal is supplied by Back Country in New Zealand.

    Pack A: CLICK HERE:

    Pack B: CLICK HERE:

    Pack C will be loaded shortly.

    Pease Note in PNG milk is provided by way of packets of Nestle Sunshine powdered milk, not in portions like in Australia.

    Nathan Thomas

    Why Choose Kokoda Trekking

    Kokoda Trekking is the most experienced Kokoda tour company on the trail. When you are travelling to one of the world’s most rugged natural landscapes, you need peace of mind that you will be safe and well looked after and that you’ll have an incredible journey. At Kokoda Trekking, we have been in the business long enough to have experienced the best times and to have learned a great deal from the challenges. We believe we offer a Kokoda Trail trekking experience that will tick all the boxes, not just for you but for your friends and loved ones at home who will want to follow your trek.

    Below are 11 very important reasons why you should choose Kokoda Trekking for your trip.

    1. Guaranteed, year-round departures
    All the treks we create are guaranteed to depart, even with a minimum of one person, so you needn’t worry about last minute cancellations. Every year we are contacted by trekkers who have had their trek cancelled at short notice by other operators. Visit our trekking schedule for upcoming treks, taking into consideration we can create any date range to suit your needs seven days a week commencing in either direction as we are PNG-based

    2. The best Accommodation in Kokoda
    When overnighting in Kokoda or Popondetta, trekkers stay in the best accommodation available. Whether you start or finish in Kokoda, we offer an ideal place to stay.

    3. Experienced guides and porters
    We employ local guides to provide you with a rich cultural as well as an historical experience. We also have on offer an Australian guided trek on a monthly basis at very competitive pricing. In the past we have had over 6,000 trekkers complete the Kokoda Track with us. A great number have returned to trek on multiple occasions. Many of our guides have been trained by Soc Kienzle who values sharing the history with the local guides. Soc’s father was the famous Bert Kienzle was considered the “Architect of Kokoda” and managed the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels on behalf of the Australian Government during World War II.

    4. Trek Tracking System used on every trek
    Our Trek Tracking System allows us to monitor our treks in real time. It also allows your friends and family to follow your progress. Picture your office colleagues enviously tracking your movements through the PNG jungle, wishing they too were enjoying the experience with you. Read more about our Trek Tracking System.

    5. Small, personalised groups
    We keep our open groups small (to a maximum of just 10 trekkers local guide and maximum 14 trekkers Australian Guided) so that you get easy access to guides and can appreciate the spectacular scenery along the Kokoda Track. On most treks the average group size is six trekkers, which ensures you receive the most personalised experience. We can cater for larger groups, if you would like to walk as a private group.

    6. Advice on how to prepare for the trek
    All trekkers receive an introductory pack which includes a DVD of the trek, a book on Kokoda, fit4treks training programs and checklists of what to bring. This ensures you can adequately prepare for the trek so you get the most out of the adventure.

    7. Quality packages at competitive prices
    Our trekking packages include fresh local village food and high quality ration packs. We are a Kokoda Licensed Commercial Operator with the Kokoda Track Authority and all our guides carry a satellite phone for your safety. The packages also include transport components to get you on and off the track, making the process safe, efficient and reliable.

    8. Australian owned and operated
    We are a local Australian business with a strong relationship with a Papua New Guinea owned business. We have a commercial license number 10 issued by the Kokoda Track Authority (KTA). We have lived and worked in Papua New Guinea since 1972, so our knowledge of local rules and customs is extensive. We strictly abide by the Kokoda Track Authority’s rules and regulations. We are also fully insured in Australia to the value of $20 million dollars, giving you peace of mind as you prepare for your trek.

    9. Highly respected in PNG
    Tour companies leading treks on the Kokoda Trail must always be mindful of the spiritual and cultural considerations. We have always been respectful and conducted ourselves in a manner befitting the location and the local residents. We are recognised for our demeanour and as such, are welcomed by the locals and the authorities and treated with reciprocal courtesy.

    10. Online updates for friends and loved ones
    Friends and family back home can keep up-to-date with your progress by visiting our website forum. We can post replies back to them from you so they know you are travelling well, and so they feel they’re sharing the adventure with you. Ask them to download our iPhone Android app for FREE, so they can monitor your progress.

    11. Reputation with trekkers
    We’ve taken more than 6,000 trekkers from all over the world on tours of the Kokoda Track and our high return rate is proof that we offer a safe, enjoyable and well-catered experience.

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