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    Yes, there is more than just trekking on offer when you trek with Kokoda Trekking. Two of our trekkers seen here enjoying some new fruit they may not have tasted before. They also experience a new way of life and different culture than anything they have ever been used to back home.

    Trekkers sitting next to the creek that runs through Rusty's Kokoda Family Block:


    Some trekkers like to pose for a photograph with our sing sing dancers as a keepsake to show family and friends back home.

    They do not mind and will be happy for you to do this.


    If you are lucky you might get to drive around Kokoda in the back of Rusty's red hilux…


    Accommodation: you have three choices

    • Sleep in an open sided 'win haus' directly on the floor without your tent
    • Erect and sleep in your tent in the 'win haus' to avoid mosquito's
    • Sleep like these guys in your tent next to the river that flows through Rusty's Family Block



    If you have read this far, thanks for logging onto our website. Lets finish the way we started only this time round statistics for our Kokoda Trekking website:

    When you study this graph you will be able to see at a glance the most popular months.


    Kokoda Website Statistics on a Daily basis as at the 24th November, 2005:


    There has been some debate over the years as to whether it should be 'Kokoda Trail' or 'Kokoda Track'. The following attachment shows clearly how people search when they type into a search engine on the subject Kokoda. As you will note…a lot more people type in KOKODA TRAIL than any other subject matter:


    In 2004, our first year of operation we purchased a PMV (Public Motor Vehicle – Truck) for Russell Eroro to put to use in Kokoda. Prior to us purchasing this vehicle, the people of Kokoda suffered as the only vehicles that came up to Kokoda were owned by people in Popondetta. If the vehicle did not come up for some reason or another the towns people were cut off.

    This vehicle serves two purposes:

    1. On a daily basis it acts as a bus service taking villagers and market goods into Popondetta. Later in the day it returns back to Kokoda.

    2. For you our trekkers, to drive you around in Kokoda and also to act as an emergency in the event we have to drive you down to Popondetta/and or pick you up from Popondetta airport.

    KTL 1 seen here with the Lord Somers Powerhouse group from Victoria:


    This year in 2005, we purchased for the people of Kokoda an ambulance. Last year when I walked the Kokoda Trail I asked what happens to people in Kokoda if they are seriously ill. The reply was that Kokoda does not have a doctor only nurses.

    If anyone is having difficulty in delivering a baby; cut themselves badly etc they have to wait until the following morning when the PMV goes down to Popondetta, if not they simply die.

    Then one of our guides mentioned he was up at the hospital one day for treatment himself and whilst waiting could hear a woman screaming her head off. When asked what was wrong, he was informed she was having problems delivering her baby. I asked if she finally delivered and the reply was that no, she died later that day. He said her screams still haunted him…how awful!

    As a woman and mother of four, I could not imagine dying this way. The plan in 2005 was to save up and purchase for the hospital their own ambulance. My dream came true thanks to you our trekkers as the Kokoda Hospital now has an ambulance. I am now trying to think what our project will be for 2006 but I already have something in mind that I know Kokoda badly needs….I will keep you all in suspense until then!

    Kokoda Trekking Ambulance handed over mid year to the Kokoda Memorial Hospital. The guide who told me the story above was the first to lie on the bed inside the ambulance. Hopefully no more women die from childbirth again in Kokoda or surrounding areas:


    On another note, would you believe the most visits per day last year was on the 25th December 2004. I found this amazing. The only thing I can put it down to is that trekkers are home visiting family and friends and they start showing them their photographs on our website….anyone have any other ideas ??

    Check it out yourselves – daily statistics for December 2004:


    If you have read this far, than you are definitely interested in trekking with us at Kokoda Trekking.

    Looking forward to meeting you all in 2006

    Merry Christmas everyone! and dont forget to LOG ONTO OUR WEBSITE 25th DECEMBER 2005:

    From all of us here at KOKODA TREKKING, bye for now…happy trekking!


    They say a photograph tells a 1000 words….well lets sincerely hope so as I have just checked out our stats for this website and they are as follows:

    Statistics as at 5th December 2005

    Users: 501
    Photos: 7,649
    Comments: 5
    Views: 1,174,223
    Disk Space: 754.6mb

    So as you can see there are 7,465 photographs as at the date of writing that you can view for yourselves.

    Photograph: The Anzacs who entered our very first Kokoda 24 Hour Challenge this year. Andrew (Andy) Rowan from New Zealand (far left) is officially the fastest 'white man' on the trail. Andy came home in 5th position.


    As promised, the New Year has on offer our KOKODA BUDGET TREKS for those of you who want a no frills experience. They are on offer one per month at this stage but if we receive a lot of interest, we may consider offering more. They are basically designed to skip the Kokoda experience by overnighting there.

    Also at the other end nearer to Ower's Corner, instead of overnighting close to the end at say Uberi or Goldie River, they are designed to have you picked up later in the day.

    We have created a whole new website so as to not confuse everyone and you can check it out yourself by clicking on the following: http://www.kokoda-budget.com/


    Day 1: Fly into Popondetta and travel by road up to Kokoda. Alternatively, fly into Kokoda. Your trek will commence immediately on arrival in Kokoda. First nights accommodation will be at Isurava.
    Day 2: Isurava to Eora Creek
    Day 3: Eora Creek to Myola (1900)
    Day 4: Myola (1900) to Efogi
    Day 5: Efogi to Naoro
    Day 6: Naoro to Va'Ule Creek
    Day 7: Va'Ule Creek to Ower's Corner

    I am presently in Australia until the mid-end of March when I return to PNG. My contact details are as follows. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me:

    Telephone: (075) 5 716 512
    Email Address remains the same: trekking@kokodatrail.com.au
    Mobile Number will be advised at a later date
    Yes, you can contact me for any reason whatsoever.

    Photograph: my business partner Russell Eroro seen here in Pindara Private Hospital with his prized possession, 7 gall stones to take home to show his family in Kokoda. With Russell's health now not a concern, watch out for more updates as we continually try and grow and improve our services to you our trekkers in 2006.


    Russell intends to get fit again after being forced out of walking all through 2005 due to problems in relation to his 2 year battle with gall stones.

    KTL's goal for 2006, is to open up even more treks throughout PNG to give you our trekkers a chance to return and enjoy what PNG has to offer. Russell has taken this on himself to walk and grow these areas so he can rate them in comparison to the Kokoda Trail.

    If we can bring even a few tourists to other areas of PNG, we can help the people in other provinces enjoy a better life through tourism and employ more unemployed youth who otherwise would not find work.

    Russell seen here in Australia in the hinterlands of the Gold Coast, fit and well and looking forward to returning home to his family in Kokoda:


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