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    Hey guys my name is Craig but pls call me watto. My wife and I have decided to do kokoda in 2014 after embarking on an intense weight lose program over last few months and finding a new lease on life we have always enjoyed doing bush walking while camping but nothing over long distances or multiple days which is why we have planned to give ourselves a couple of yrs to prepare. We live at Boyne island in central qld we r both 34yrs old with 2 young boys. I'm looking forward to posting and reading on this forum to gain some valuable knowledge as we train and prepare.
    Cheers watto and family

    Boss Meri

    Hi Craig, welcome to our website and forum. No matter the subject, I am sure you will find answers here. Just type the subject matter into the search button top right and you should obtain the info as provided by ourselves and many trekkers who have taken the time to post their comments. Not just Kokoda Trekking trekkers but others from all different trekking companies.

    warm regards



    Welcome mate, I'm sure that you will find lots of useful information/motivation on here…….don't be shy in asking questions.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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