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    This morning I received a text message from Wallace Lemeki saying they lost their beautiful baby boy last Tuesday following a short illness at Popondetta Hospital.

    In December, Wallace paid me a visit at Orohaven Kokoda Retreat. I asked him to bring along his baby for me to see and he replied that he was not feeling well and that he was still at home with his wife Linda. I suggested he take my camera with him so he could take some family photographs before they go to church on Xmas Day.

    This he did and later he gave me back the camera. In his text message today he asked if I had deleted these photographs, if not could I print them off for him as he did not have any photographs of his child due to not owning a camera.

    I obviously still have them on file and will make sure they are printed off and given to him and Linda.

    Our heart goes out to Wallace and his family as he does not deserve this. During the off season he has worked hard to build up his trade store business, finish off his house and take care of his family.


    The lead up to what happened. In the first instance they took their little baby to Kokoda Hospital as he started to cry and they found it hard to settle him down. The hospital informed them they had no medicine and that they were closed until further supplies arrived. They took him home and wondered how to get him to Popondetta.

    The Mamba ambulance came to the rescue and drove him and his family to the Popondetta Hospital. Two days later he phoned me and said he thought his baby was going to die the night before and asked that I not delete the photographs that were taken. I was then in constant touch once I heard the news. I left Kokoda on Tuesday morning and spoke to him last on Monday. He informed me his baby was responding to treatment and that he was resting and so were they for the first time in two weeks.

    He told me they had taken an XRay and were waiting on the results to come back as to what was causing the problem.

    So you can imagine the shock when this morning I read his text message.

    For all of you who have had the pleasure of walking with and knowing Wallace, join with me in passing our condolences to him and his family as they suffer the loss of their beloved baby boy.

    I spoke to him last Sunday when he visited me at Orohaven Kokoda Retreat and he told me how he hoped everything would settle down before this years trekking season so he would feel comfortable to walk as he had missed guiding trekkers across the track.





    I am so, so sorry to hear this tragic news. My heart feels heavy to read of this news and reminds me of how blessed we are here in Australia in having access to medical treatment and supplies.

    Please pass on to Wallace and Linda our deepest sympathies from Sally Ingram and Andrew Emerson.

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