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    We wish to advise that in conjunction with the Kokoda Track Foundation, a scholarship fund has been set up in the hope we raise enough money to cover Wallace's son Scott education. Scott is in his first year of school and is 8 years old.

    Details are listed blow as per their website:

    It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Wallace Lemeki – well known and loved Kokoda community man and logistics manager and senior guide with our Trek Operator Partner . Wallace was aged 32 when he passed away on Sundary 3 February and leaves behind his wife Linda and 8 year old son Scott.

    Wallace completed over 50 crossings of the Kokoda Track and enjoyed playing the uke'ule, singing and entertaining trekkers, talking about the history and culture of the region and sharing with trekkers experiences from his beloved country.

    Wallace attended the Lord Somers Powerhouse camp in Melbourne on two occasions. He was invited to Australia three years in a row to meet with various trekkers and stayed with his new friends and family on numerous occasions. One trekker and his wife invited him to travel with them to the Tamworth Music Festival as a way of saying thank you to someone who truly cared about him when he walked the track for his 70th birthday. Against all the odds, this trekker made it safely from Owers Corner to Kokoda and accredited the experience and knowledge to his friend and porter – Wallace. Wallace had a wonderful personality that made him well liked by everyone who met him.

    The Kokoda Track Foundation, in partnership with Kokoda Trekking, has set up the All donations are tax deductible and money raised will be set aside in a trust to be used for Wallace and Linda's son Scott's long-term education. This year Scott is in Grade 1 at Kokoda Primary and the scholarship will allow him to be supported with school fees, school supplies, project fees, and uniforms – everything he needs for the year. Scott's fees will gradually get more expensive and donated funds will support him into the future.

    To make a tax deductible contribution to the Wallace Lemeki Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel Scholarship please click on this link.

    Wallace arriving at Owers' Cnr.jpg


    When you click on the link above, there is a drop down menu which states DONATION PURPOSE. Please make sure you click on this box and select OTHER. Another box will then appear in which you need to type: WALLACE

    Lets join together and make sure Scott's education is taken care of despite the passing of his father who gave so much to the many trekkers he met whilst employed with Kokoda Trekking.

    After the family photograph was taken, their infant son lost his life in February 2011.
    IMGP2817 640×480.JPG
    IMGP2829 640×480.JPG


    To anyone who considers a donation to this cause, please accept our sincere thanks on behalf of the Lemeki family.

    Wallace gave so much for many many years and I am sure he would be happy knowing his son was able to complete his education. Kokoda Track Foundation have advised money will be held in trust for Scott.

    If you wish to contact the Kokoda Track Foundation, details are listed below:

    Dr Genevieve Nelson

    Executive Director

    Kokoda Track Foundation Ltd


    Phone: 61 2 9252 2992

    Mobile: 61 412 869210

    Office: Level 10, 19-31 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000

    Mail to: PO Box 1674 North Sydney NSW 2059

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