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    Jessie Garap

    By Jessie Garap

    I hear and I see people write and say Kokoda Trail is one hell of a track.It?s also written on one of my shirts: (Kokoda Trail one hell of an adventure, one hell of a track)?.and it?s true.

    But to actually walk the Kokoda Trail itself, was one of the best experiences of my life. This is speaking from my heart. I didn?t think the trail was easy nor did I think it was hard. My aim walking the trail was to learn, to see, to understand and to feel what it was like for those, young brave soldiers, who fought and walked through the hardships during the war.

    During my eight nights of sleep and nine days of walk, I learnt so much. I felt as though, I was one of these young soldiers, walking through thick virgin forest with my back-pack and a stick to support me so that I may not fall. But somewhere along the track, my stick broke, and I had nothing to lean on. I twisted my right ankle five times, this was nothing compared to what those young ones, went through. It was like the survival of the fittest I was not alone, my personal porter plus my fellow trek members were there with me. We helped each other along the way like real soldiers.

    There was this one particular time of my adventure that really struck me, and that I will never forget. I was walking alone up this particular mountain, when suddenly, I heard footsteps of boots running past me, it was so real. At first, I thought it was my younger sister, Ilyana. But it wasn?t her, she was about 12 feet away from me. It was truly amazing. After that walk or climb, I told the guide and the porters about what I heard.
    And they told me that, its always like that. When you?re walking alone, you?ll hear so many different noises. It?s really unbelievable, how good is that.

    If anyone out there is looking for an adventure of a life time. I encourage you, that you should really think about walking the Kokoda Trail. Instead of just sitting in the house and reading a book about the Kokoda Trail or looking it up in the internet. Why not go out there, and really experience the real Kokoda Trail

    Anyway, thanks to all the food-porters, personal-porters, and guides, for doing such a terrific job out there. All credits go to them
    And to all my fellow trek mates. You guys were awesome. Hopefully, we?ll walk the trail together someday in the future. Good-luck to you all and best wishes

    Tom Polley, Tom Polley Jnr, Jacqui Karambasis, Robert Polley, Steven Polley, Mark Polley, Micheala L Hamilton, Shane Weekes, Sarita Lawler, Scott Richeads, Chris Worth, Glen Worth, Nathen Keen, John McRae, James McRae, Ilyana Garap and Jessie Garap.

    Many, many thanks to my boss, Gail Thomas. For making this track adventure, possible for Ilyana and I. We will treasure every days moment we spent out there.
    Thank you.


    Me crossing the Eora Creek with a personal porter Glen Hanson.

    CLICK HERE to see pictures of the trek on the Kokoda Photo Gallery


    Alison Anis

    This is a great story! Thanks for sharing it with us Jess. I liked it. So when is the real adventure story coming up?? (ha,ha) Great effort keep it up!


    Jessie Garap

    Thanks Alison,

    just to let you know.This was not my actual story. This little article I put, was
    just to brief you and the rest of the guys out there, about kokoda Trail. I know everyone, would like to hear the real story.

    Well, I'm still working on it. Nine days is a long time, and everydays got its own little story to tell.

    But keep an eye on the net, it might pop up unexpectedly


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