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    Boss Meri

    This trek commenced in Kokoda today 6th April when 5 trekkers flew with Airlines PNG from Port Moresby to Popondetta. After being met in Popondetta, they were driven around to look at the monument area, stock up with whatever they wished to purchase such as water and then up to Kokoda arriving around midday. Trekkers include :

      [*]Chris Jephson
      [*]Daniel Cleary
      [*]Anna Cyran
      [*]Dave Meek
      [*]Amy Turner

    Following lunch at Orohaven, the group walked up to the Kokoda monument area and were on the track around 1pm.

    Depending on how the group goes today, plan a) is to stop at Hoi and plan b) is to head to Deniki for the night.

    Boss Meri

    Just received an update from the track. The group have stopped for the night at Hoi. Everyone at this stage is doing well.

    The photograph below was just received by email from Henry Amuli who met the trekkers this morning at the airport and drove them to Kokoda for their trek.

    After arriving in Kokoda, trekkers had lunch before moving off onto the track around 1pm.
    Henry's Pic.JPG

    Boss Meri

    Today saw this trek commence their walk at Hoi followed by a tough walk up to Isurava Village and Isurava Memorial before heading to Alola for the night. Ivan said everyone is doing ok.
    Isurava (7) 640×480.JPG
    Isurava (8) 640×480.JPG
    Alola-Village 640×480.jpg

    Boss Meri

    Our group of trekkers have now reached the area commonly referred to as 'Dump 1' by our staff. Earlier today they crossed over Eora Creek before heading to their destination point. According to Ivan their guide, all trekkers are doing just great. Tomorrow the plan is to reach the half way point of Efogi.
    Top Crossing of Eora Creek.jpg
    View of Eora Creek.jpg

    Boss Meri

    Ivan called in tonight to say they were all now safely at the half way point of Efogi. He said its rained every afternoon all the way from Kokoda. So different from our other trek that finished this week as they said it was dry the other side. Seems all trekkers are doing just fine and the young girl carrying her pack is powering along it seems – in his words, she is very strong!

    Boss Meri

    Trekkers have now reached Agulogo where they are camped for the night. They had a tough day today as it rained quite heavily and by the time they reached their destination they were all wet. Despite the rain, Ivan assures me they are still enjoying their walk on the Kokoda Trail. Tomorrow the plan is to head to Ioribaiwa. A short walk from where they are tonight is the village of Naoro.

    Please note: The photographs posted are not of this trek but taken from our photo library. Their trek photographs will be posted on our facebook page when they arrive back in Port Moresby.


    Ivan phoned early this morning to say the group had reached Ioribaiwa last night & are heading to Goldie Rover today and should reach Goldie at around 3:00pm! Everyone is good & excited to be finishing their trek.

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