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    Boss Meri

    The trek would not be complete without food porters. Lenny Enjeka always walks on Pat's trek and is the chief cook.
    DSC00257 640×480.JPG

    Boss Meri

    Trekkers have now reached the half way point of Efogi so well done to everyone as no hassles that I am aware of at this stage and everyone continues to do well.

    I sent some coke in with the food drop earlier in the week by chopper as the only company that flies in was grounded and at the last minute could no longer do the charter.

    Today would have been a tough day as they moved off from Agulogo to head to Menari then up to Brigade Hill before descending down to Efogi.
    Efogi Creek.JPG

    Boss Meri

    Trekkers are now at Bombers Camp and tomorrow will walk into Myola. Apparently they had a great time last night when they were in Efogi. Seems our boys put on a couple of plays which they all enjoyed. One of the boys dressed up as a female and put on a black wig. Clement the assistant guide was supposed to translate from Pidgin into English but he was laughing so hard it seems he found this hard to do so a lot of what they were saying went over the trekkers heads. However today it seem trekkers were still talking about their night in Efogi. Tomorrow they will head down to Eora Creek for the night where Tom and others are camped tonight.
    Trek 715d Myola.jpg
    Walking towards Myola Junction 2.jpg

    Boss Meri

    This trek has now reached Eora Creek where they are camped for the night with another of our treks heading in the same direction. Tomorrow they are (hopefully) looking forward to catching up with Tom & others on the trek that commenced a few days earlier than them and having a service at Isurava Memorial. I have not heard from Ernst today so am not too sure where they stopped for the night.

    Tom must be feeling pretty proud of himself right now as he is almost at the finish line.

    I informed Pat when he phoned this afternoon that I read that Michael Barrand won Gold in his 1km beach sprint.

    He said one of the trekkers had a bit of back pain which has now sorted itself out and another trekker was having an off day but was confident all was ok to power ahead and finish their trek.

    Go trek 959, catch up to TOM
    Cane Bridge Eora Creek.jpg

    Boss Meri

    Trekkers reached Isurava Memorial this morning where they had a service. The plan was for Tom's group of family and friend to meet and join with them but they bolted and had taken off before this group arrived.

    I spoke with Pat and he said they were going to move on down to Isurava Village to stop for the night.

    Everyone was ok and looking forward to finishing tomorrow.
    Isurava from the air.jpg
    Isurava Julie Chick.jpg
    Isurava to Alola.jpg

    Boss Meri

    Congratulations are in order for this group of 18 as they walked off the track today and under the archway in Kokoda having successfully completed their trek.

    They did not catch the other group ahead of them as a decision was made for them to finish because at the time this group were still at Deniki a couple of hours away.

    This group finished their trek around 11:30am and Tom Quick along with his father Clive, brother in law and friend Tim and Richard headed back to the archway and met up with this group.

    I am led to believe the relived the experience, posed for photographs before heading to the museum area and then down to Orohaven Kokoda Retreat our base in Kokoda.

    Well done everyone from all of us here at Kokoda Trekking.

    A big thank you to John Prossor for once again booking a trek through us. To all trekkers, we trust you enjoyed your Kokoda experience and that you go back home with lots of fond memories of your time in PNG.

    As I type this, trekkers are enjoying some of our Orohaven pizza's.
    Orohaven Entrance.jpg


    Hi Brendan, Horace, Jessie & Gail & Crew

    Good to see you enjoyed this Trek as well, Jessie, you seem to have grown quite a bit since we were there. I have a magazine and photos to send to you all, but not sure of best option to get them to you.

    Best regards Lara, Grant & Waza

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