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    Boss Meri

    This group arrived from Australia mid afternoon on the 15th April and were soon whisked away to the Royal Papua Yacht Club for some relaxation and a meal before returning to spend the night in readiness for an early start the next morning.

    Today saw them picked up and driven to the airport for the flight to Kokoda down for an 8am departure.

    Everything went according to schedule and not too long afterwards they arrived in Kokoda. After a short break at our base for morning tea, the group walked up to the Kokoda Station to the war museum. Around 11:30am they walked under the archway and onto the Kokoda Track.

    At 1pm they had reached Kovelo Village and now an hour or so later they are settling into Hoi campsite where they will spend the night.

    Tomorrow they will start their climb up to Deniki and face their first real challenge as they head to Isurava Village and onto Isurava Memorial where they will spend the night.

    From what I have heard, its hot and sunny over the other side quite the opposite of Port Moresby as they dodged the rain last night and overcast morning as they prepared for their flight.

    Trekkers in this group include :

      [*]Paul Hangan
      [*]Indiana Hangan
      [*]Henry Hangan
      [*]Ezekiel Hangan
      [*]Noah Hangan
      [*]Michael Harris

    IMGP3943 1024×768 640×480 640×480.JPG
    IMGP3945 1024×768 640×480 640×480.JPG
    IMGP3948 1024×768 640×480 640×480.JPG
    IMGP3949 640×480.JPG
    Orohaven Trek 744 2.JPG


    Boss Meri

    Trekkers have now reached Isurava Memorial where they will spend the night. Have spoken to both their guides and they said everyone is doing well. Tonight they are camped with another trekking company with boys also from the Kokoda end of the track.

    Heard this group are moving along quite fast so fitness must be good. Tomorrow plan a) is to head down to Eora Creek, plan b) is to stop at Templeton's II. With a lot of traffic on the track, they need to carefully plan where they will pull up for the night.
    Trek 642 heading towards Isurava Memorial Area 640×480.JPG
    Isurava (8) 640×480.JPG


    Boss Meri

    Trekkers reached 1900/Myola Junction around 1pm and have decided to push on to Naduri Village (pic below) and then if everyone is going ok, continue on to Efogi the half way point. No-one is struggling they are all doing ok it seems. Last night was spent at Eora Creek.
    Eora Creek Cane Bridge 2.jpg


    Boss Meri

    Wayne just phoned in from Efogi reporting on behalf of both treks to say they had a big day but both treks arrived ok into the half way point. Apparently yesterday they moved on from Eora Creek and ended up camping at Templeton's Crossing. He said it was cramped with other trekking companies sharing the same area so him and Horace made a decision to push on today to Efogi with wide open spaces for them to spread out. Tonight they are in Landy Noel's guesthouse.

    Perhaps right now they are sitting where these past trekkers sat when they stayed in Efogi.
    Efogi Race Day.jpg


    Boss Meri

    Trekkers were on the move this morning from Menari. I have not heard from the track today but the GPS is showing them in the area of Naoro Village at 2pm this afternoon. As soon as one of the guides contacts me I will be able to post their definite position on the track. No doubt by now they will be getting excited knowing after tonight only two more sleeps on the track before they walk off at Owers' Corner on the morning of the 24th April.
    Gail & Children at Nauro Nov 2004.jpg
    Naoro Village.JPG


    Boss Meri

    Received an update this morning that the trek stopped for the night at Naoro and today are heading to Ua'Ule Creek for the night.

    They will have a pretty tough day as the take on Maguli Range before walking through Ioribaiwa Village and head down to their nights destination of Ua'Ule Creek.


    Boss Meri

    Congratulations to trekkers as they walked off the track this afternoon at Owers' Corner. Tomorrow they will be picked up and will make their way down off the mountain from Sogeri along snake road before reaching Port Moresby.

    Well done everyone.

    Picture them crossing Goldie River earlier today as they made their way to the finish line and walk under the archway at Owers' Corner.
    Trek 730a.JPG

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