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    Boss Meri

    Two trekkers plus their guide Pat Vainirere arrived on the 1pm flight from Australia. After booking them into their accommodation it was decided to pick them up at 4:30pm and drive them to the Royal Papua Yacht Club for some relaxation time, a few beers perhaps and an evening meal.

    Mid afternoon another two trekkers arrived from a Qantas flight and found themselves joining the others at the Yacht Club. Trekkers were then picked up at 8pm for a briefing and early night in readiness for today.

    It was another early morning rise for these trekkers as it was decided last night that rain or shine they wanted to start early and get on the track. They were informed to be ready by 6am when a bus would pick them up and drive them out to Owers' Corner the drop off point.

    I turned up a few minutes after 6am and they were all sitting inside the bus so no PNG time for these guys, they are definitely disciplined. Pat then joined them on the bus and they were soon off on the climb up Snake road heading firstly to Sogeri then to McDonalds Corner and finally Owers' Corner.

    I told them not to get too attached to the boys walking with them as they were only helping out to get them on the track early. Their real team were to travel into Port Moresby on one of our charter flights this morning and were to play catch up. Tomorrow morning the Sogeri boys will return to their homes and our Kokoda boys will walk with them to the finish line under the archway in Kokoda.

    Trekkers in this group include :

      [*]Jason Schutt
      [*]Brendan Joyce
      [*]Fletcher Joyce
      [*]Mark Nicholas
      [*]Pat Vainirere (Guide)

    IMGP5024 1024×768 640×480.JPG
    IMGP5031 1024×768 640×480.JPG
    IMGP5024 1024×768 640×480.JPG


    Boss Meri

    Update: 3:30pm 16th April: I have just heard from Pat, the group are now at Ua'Ule Creek where they are to spend the night. Turned out Brendan and Fletcher despite having paid for a porter, wanted to try and carry themselves. Fletcher gave up at Imita Ridge but Brendan hung in there until they reached Ua'Ule Creek.

    Two of our boys dropped off at Owers's Corner have now caught up and have reached Ua'Ule Creek – Ivan and Trophian and I believe the others are not too far behind. Unfortunately the trek champion Ramsy Idau missed the flight as he turned up just as the plane started up, too late to board.

    Pat said it was an enjoyable day and for the time being they are on their own at the campsite not having to share with any other trekkers.
    Ua'Ule Creek (2).JPG


    Boss Meri

    Trekkers arrived in Naoro Village around 4:30pm this afternoon. According to Pat, they are all doing really well. Today it was pretty wet it seems but they plodded on and reached their destination. Brendan Joyce is still carrying his pack but tomorrow will be thrown an even bigger challenge when they head for Efogi the half way point. So far they have had the track to themselves with treks either in front of them or behind them. Heavy traffic however coming towards them from the Kokoda end.


    Boss Meri

    Trekkers reached the half way point of Efogi around 4:30pm this afternoon. According to Pat their guide, they had a tough day but informs me everyone is ok. Luckily for the group, our food drop went in there today enabling me to send them some chicken for their dinner tonight. Hopefully this will put a smile on their faces when they hear the news. Well at least Pat sounded excited when I told him what meal to look forward to tonight. Tomorrow they have a short day down to Myola Junction/1900.

    Note: The photographs below are posted from my archive file. Trek photographs will be posted once treks have completed. Photographs posted are to give friends and relatives back home some idea of where there loved ones are on the 'Kokoda Trail'.
    Efogi Creek.JPG


    Boss Meri

    Trekkers are settling in for the night at 1900/Myola Junction. They have had a much shorter day today and tomorrow head to Eora Creek. Today they have run into a few different groups walking in the opposite direction but are presently by themselves at their campsite.

    Around 1pm our own two treks arrived at 1900 and no doubt there was some excitement as they all met up with each other. Brendan Joyce is continuing to carry his own backpack and his porter is walking fairly light. One of the boys Ivan Semie celebrated his birthday today. Pat said they all sang him Happy Birthday this morning and he gave him some money.

    On the way to their destination point of today, they passed through Naduri Village and Mt Bellamy the highest point on the track.
    Naduri Village.jpg
    Walking towards Myola Junction.jpg


    Boss Meri

    Trekkers moved off from Eora Creek and walked up to Alola before heading to Isurava Memorial. They decided to push on and are now at Isurava Village. Brendan & Fletcher are now both carrying their own backpacks! I would not be surprised if this trek walks off the track tomorrow instead of the 23rd.

    Today they have passed some big groups heading in the opposite direction. I know one group is on their way to Brigade Hill but not too sure about the others. According to Pat, all trekkers are fit and fast and from what I can gather enjoying the company of our staff as they walk the Kokoda Track.
    Heading towards Isuravaa.jpg
    Isurava (8) 640×480.JPG


    Boss Meri

    Congratulations to all the trekkers in this group as they have just walked off the track into Kokoda this morning, 1 day ahead of schedule. No doubt they are now in celebration mode having successfully completed their Anzac walk across the Kokoda Trail. Just picture them walking under the Kokoda archway earlier today.

    They will return to Port Moresby by charter tomorrow morning.

    Well done everyone.
    Kokoda Archwaya.jpg

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