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    Boss Meri

    Trekkers arrived yesterday and were met by our staff and as planned driven straight out to Owers' Corner for the commencement of their trek. Trekkers in this group include :

      [*]Zofia Szymanski
      [*]Emily Alford
      [*]Ayrleigh Mcgregor

    Our guide called by sat phone this morning saying all was ok and that they were heading to Naoro to spend the night.

    Boss Meri

    My apology for not putting anything up until now, as I am presently at the Blue Mountains as one of our staff, Ramsy Idau was a competitor in the North Face 100km event and I decided to drive down from the Gold Coast to support him. Shane, my son is on hand in PNG to look after this trek.

    Boss Meri

    Our guide phoned in this morning to say last night they reached Agulogo. Today they are heading for the half way point of Efogi.

    The night before they slept at Ua'Ule Creek and passed through Naoro before heading down to Agulogo for the night.
    Naoro Village.JPG

    Boss Meri

    This trek reached Efogi as planned and today their guide Horace Yauga phoned in to say they were heading to Templeton's Crossing II for the night. Only two more nights left on the track before they walk out in Kokoda.

    According to Horace, they are on schedule and the trek is going ahead ok.

    Earlier today they would have walked through the village of Naduri
    Naduri Village.jpg


    Congratulations to Horace on leading another trek for KTL. It is just over a year since we all shared a wonderful experience from owers to Kokoda. Best regards Horace.

    Gail, can you please give me a ring as you head back from the Blue Mountains to the Gold Coast, as I would love to catch up for a coffee as you pass Port Macquarie, Shane has my number.

    Best regards

    Waza (Treks 83 & 872)

    Boss Meri

    The trek reached Alola Village where they stopped for lunch according to Horace who phoned my son Shane. Following lunch they were to continue walking to Isurava Memorial area where they planned on stopping for the night.

    I may be wrong but am suspecting they will walk off the track tomorrow instead of the 23rd but will just have to wait on a further update from the trek.

    Waza, arrived back on the Gold Coast at 8:30pm last night.

    Alola-Village 640×480.jpg
    Down to Alola.JPG
    Heading towards Isuravaa.jpg
    Trek 642 heading towards Isurava Memorial Area 640×480.JPG
    Isurava (8) 640×480.JPG

    Boss Meri

    Our guide phoned earlier to say they have left Isurava Village where they stayed as planned last night. They will have a very short day today and trek to Hoi Village where they will overnight. Hoi village is about one and a half hours from Kokoda Station.

    Tonight our staff plan to cook a traditional meal for the three trekkers. The meal is called a 'Mumu', and is cooked in the ground covered with hot rocks. In New Zealand they call it a Hangi. It will take the rest of the day to prepare.

    They will walk out into Kokoda tomorrow and will fly back to Port Moresby mid afternoon.

    My son Shane spoke with Emily, one of the three trekkers earlier today. They are now at Deniki enjoying the view of the Kokoda Valley. They all thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and are very happy that they are about to finish their trek.
    Deniki 640×480.JPG

    Boss Meri

    Congratulations are in order for this trek as the three women and their guide and porters walked off the track into Kokoda early this morning.

    They went down to Orohaven Kokoda Retreat to freshen up followed by a trip down to Popondetta for their flight back to Port Moresby.

    Well done from all of us here at Kokoda Trekking.
    Kokoda Archwaya.jpg

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