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    Boss Meri

    Four trekkers flew over to the Oro Province early this morning and as I type, they are making their way up to Kokoda for the commencement of their walk across the Kokoda Track. Trekkers in this group include :

      [*]Lisa Fowler
      [*]Peter Coleby
      [*]Glenn Man
      [*]Mary Roglich

    IMGP3674 640×480.JPG

    Boss Meri

    Following their drive up from Popondetta to Kokoda it was decided that they would overnight at Orohaven our base in Kokoda, and commence their walk this morning instead.

    This morning around 6:30 I received a phone call to say they were heading off and hoped to make Isurava Village today.
    IMGP1457 1280×768.JPG

    Boss Meri

    Trevor called in today to report they had reached 1900/Myola Junction where they are camped for the night.

    The previous night they stopped as planned at Eora Creek.

    Trevor said all trekkers are doing well.
    IMGP3514 640×480.JPG

    Boss Meri

    Trekkers have now reached the half way point of Efogi. According to Trevor earlier today, they continue to do well.

    I asked about the weather and he replied that its been wet and a bit muddy on the Kokoda side.

    Have just spoken to one of our guides walking in the opposite direction, and he says its been dry – so looks like the trekkers will experience both – the dry and the wet on their walk across the track.
    Efogi Creek.JPG

    Boss Meri

    Trekkers have now reached Ioraiwba and are all doing just great. Tomorrow they will head down to Goldie River for their last overnight on the track.
    IMGP3429 640×480.JPG

    Boss Meri

    Congratulations are in order as trekkers walked off the track at Owers' Corner early this morning having spent the night at Goldie River.

    After being picked up at the archway, trekkers were driven down the mountain and into Bomana War Cemetery before returning to our base in Boroko.

    Congratulations everyone from all of us here at Kokoda Trekking.
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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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