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    This morning a group of 10 trekkers walked off from Owers' Corner along with their guide Patiare (Pat) Vainerere and 20 porters. Trekkers spent last night at the Sogeri Lodge with an early start this morning with the trek getting away at around 7:30am from Owers' Corner. Trekkers in this group include :

      [*]Bruce Scott
      [*]Fred Jaeger
      [*]Kiel Jaeger
      [*]Justin Watts
      [*]Graham Watts
      [*]Robert Eckel
      [*]Kirstin Love
      [*]Pete White
      [*]Robert Rope
      [*]Ian Barnham

    [attachment=13301:IMGP3995 640×480.JPG]

    [attachment=13302:IMGP4001 640×480.JPG]

    [attachment=13303:IMGP4002 640×480.JPG]

    [attachment=13304:IMGP4003 640×480.JPG]

    [attachment=13305:IMGP3991 640×480.JPG]

    [attachment=13306:IMGP3992 640×480.JPG]

    [attachment=13307:IMGP3997 640×480.JPG]

    [attachment=13308:IMGP3993 640×480.JPG]

    [attachment=13309:IMGP3994 640×480.JPG]

    [attachment=13310:IMGP3998 640×480.JPG]

    [attachment=13311:IMGP3999 640×480.JPG]

    [attachment=13312:IMGP4000 640×480.JPG]

    [attachment=13313:IMGP4004 640×480.JPG]

    [attachment=13314:IMGP4005 640×480.JPG]

    [attachment=13315:IMGP4006 640×480.JPG]

    [attachment=13316:IMGP4007 640×480.JPG]

    [attachment=13317:IMGP4008 640×480.JPG]
    IMGP3995 640×480.JPG
    IMGP4001 640×480.JPG
    IMGP4002 640×480.JPG
    IMGP4003 640×480.JPG
    IMGP3991 640×480.JPG
    IMGP3992 640×480.JPG
    IMGP3997 640×480.JPG
    IMGP3993 640×480.JPG
    IMGP3994 640×480.JPG
    IMGP3998 640×480.JPG
    IMGP3999 640×480.JPG
    IMGP4000 640×480.JPG
    IMGP4004 640×480.JPG
    IMGP4005 640×480.JPG
    IMGP4006 640×480.JPG
    IMGP4007 640×480.JPG
    IMGP4008 640×480.JPG

    Boss Meri

    Pat phoned twice this afternoon and mentioned both times that the group as a whole are doing really well.

    He indicated he laughed a lot today and it might have something to do with the practical joker Hobert who is on this trek.

    Pat indicated it was only day 1 but they were having a lot of fun! He said the fittest of the group got into camp and a bunch of boys headed back up the track to help in the slower ones.

    They were all at Ua'Ule Creek around 3:30pm.

    Please note below that the photograph used is from our collection of archived pics and is only posted here to give you an indication of where they were walking earlier today.
    IMGP3948 640×480.JPG


    Trekkers have now reached OFI creek where they will spend the night. They arrived into camp at around 1:30pm. According to Pat their guide, everyone is doing well and enjoying there trek.

    Last night they enjoyed the boys music and could not believe they could sing that well.

    [attachment=13319:Ofi Creek 640×480.JPG]

    Please note above that the photograph used is from our collection of archived pics and is only posted here to give you an indication of where they are located today.
    Ofi Creek 640×480.JPG


    If you are keeping track of this trek you can identify location on our trek trakka mapping system :


    Boss Meri

    The post below should have said Ofi Creek. Last night around the campfire, the boys were telling stories about what was expected today, and Kirstin apparently was a little bit nervous as she set off today. However she had nothing to worry about as she along with the others in the group have once again done very well and arrived in their camp for the night at Agulogo around 2:30pm. Tomorrow their aim is to reach the half way point of Efogi.

    The boys love Agulogo as they camp next to the creek, easy to wash, obtain water, clean pots etc.
    IMGP3445 640×480.JPG

    Boss Meri

    Trekkers have now reached Efogi. According to Pat, a big day today with a tough climb up Brigade Hill before heading down to Efogi. Ian and Kirstin were the last to arrive around 5:30 along with Pat and their personal porters into the area where they will spend the night.

    Pat informed me they were all still doing well & happy they had reached the half way point. Last night they had a singalong at Agulogo and other trekkers from another company joined in along with locals from around that area.

    Pat added, they are having their own XFactor on the Kokoda Trail

    Boss Meri

    Trekkers had another tough day and arrived at an area commonly referred to as 'Dump 1' around 5pm this afternoon. No problems with the group, as they stuck pretty much together according to Pat and arrived in camp together. Earlier today they stopped for approx an hour at Naduri Village to meet up with the 'Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel' who resides there. Last night everyone was very tired and hit the sack early with no music.
    Tree House at Naduri Village 640×480.jpg
    Naduri 640×480.jpg

    Boss Meri

    This group have now reached Alola Village. Tomorrow morning they will head down to Isurava Memorial before walking out in Kokoda around 5pm. The group did well today. The original plan was to stop at Isurava but it was decided to pull up at Alola to allow Ian to rest up before walking off the track tomorrow.
    Alola-Village 640×480.jpg

    Boss Meri

    CONGRATULATIONS to everyone on this trek as they just walked through the Kokoda archway around 4:45pm. No doubt they are all feeling really happy right at this moment. Well done from all of us here at Kokoda Trekking.

    They are presently making their way down to Orohaven, our base in Kokoda. In the morning 4 trekkers will return to Port Moresby and the other trekkers including Pat their guide will head down to the beachheads for two nights before returning to Port Moresby on Saturday 31st August.
    Trek 715 Kokoda Archway.jpg

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