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    Boss Meri

    Trekkers got away yesterday morning around 9:30am. They ended up having a short day as they pulled up at Goodwater campsite for the night.

    Today they are on the move and will stop at Ofi Creek. Trekkers are doing well so no problems which is great.

    Trekkers include :

      [*]Kerri Gannan
      [*]Jade Jackson
      [*]Kelly Turpin
      [*]Tanya Frith

    IMG_2529 1280×768 640×480.JPG


    Boss Meri

    Boss Meri

    Trekkers have now on their way to Eora Creek. Their first night on the track was spent at Goodwater campsite. The next night was Ofi Creek followed by Agulogo.

    After reaching the half way point of Efogi, they moved off to Naduri. I did not hear but am assuming they spent last night at 1900/Myola Junction.

    Today the plan is to head to Eora Creek for the night. If early they will push on to Alola.
    Trek 744 Naoro to Agulogo – Swamp 640×480.JPG
    Efogi Creek.JPG
    Top Crossing of Eora Creek.jpg


    Boss Meri

    Trekkers are ahead of schedule. Shane just called up and said they have reached Isurava Memorial where they have settled in for the night. Tomorrow they will walk off the track and under the Kokoda Archway around 1pm. Shane ordered 11 pizza's to be cooked and ready for them at Orohaven. He said they have all done extremely well.


    Boss Meri

    Congratulations to trek 797 as they walked through the archway a short time ago and are now on their way to Orohaven Kokoda Retreat. Well done to all four women on this trek along with Shane and our ever helpful porters who accompanied this group. Picture how excited they would have been walking through this archway representing the finish of their walk across the track!
    Kokoda Archwaya.jpg

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