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    Boss Meri

    Our latest group of trekkers arrived in from Australia on the 1st November which we met and drove out to Bomana War Cemetery followed by a drive up 'Snake' Road to Sogeri Lodge where they spent the night and the next day exploring around the area. This included purchasing K35.00 worth of 'Buai' much to the delight of locals in the area.

    A swim in a nearby creek and a few beers finished off the day which I have been informed was thoroughly enjoyed by all of them. On the morning of their trek it was arranged that they be collected around 8am and driven out to the drop off point of Owers' Corner. This went off like clockwork and I met up with everyone once again. On the drive out to the drop off point there was much laughter and conversation going on in the back of the vehicle that I knew this trek was going to be one of the best of the year as everyone new each other.

    With the group of boys picked to walk with them, I know in advance that they are all going to have a great time walking, laughing, telling stories with the boys and enjoying their music. Corry it seems kicked off this trek in memory of his brother hence the name 'Ash's Gift'. Lets hope its a celebration of his life and that Corry, another brother and cousins along with one ring-in Esther, enjoy the experience.

    Trekkers include :

    • Corry Kerr
    • Esther McConnell
    • Kane Maher
    • Wade Hannig
    • Lachlan Hannig
    • Kris Lowry
    • Nick Lowry

    The photographs below were taken at the Sogeri Lodge before we departed for the starting point of their trek at Owers' Corner.

    Boss Meri

    At Owers' Corner Esther got to meet up with personal porter Horace Yauga. Horace then started adding his own gear to her pack and along with other trekkers and our food porters prepared to head off from under the archway.

    Boss Meri

    Under the archway photographs were about to the taken when I was advised there was (3) sets of brothers so it was decided they each have a set taken:

    Boss Meri

    We could not leave Esther out and it was soon her turn to line up under the archway – the smile says it all – does she look happy or what?

    Boss Meri

    Whenever Sione is on the track he likes to sing the PNG National Anthem and asks trekkers to sing their Australian National Anthem to link together the two countries before they commence their walk. Here Sione can be seen playing his guitar and singing the anthem with such pride.

    Boss Meri

    Group photographs were then taken with Horace holding on to a mascot that came along for the walk:

    Boss Meri

    It was soon time to bid our farewell's to trek 756 as they set off down their first descent towards Goldie River. The comments around this time at 9:30am yesterday was the question, IS IT ALWAYS THIS HOT!!!! so it would appear they were already sweating just getting photographed at the starting point of their walk.

    bye bye trek 756:

    Boss Meri

    It was decided that the food porters lead off closely followed by those carrying their own packs (all the males), then last but not least, Esther and her personal porter who came 3rd in this year's Kokoda Challenge Race, Horace Yauga. He is also a younger brother of Andrew their guide.:

    Boss Meri

    Just when I thought all the food porters had gone I turned around to see Sione sitting, resting, waiting for Andrew to repack some of his things into his pack. Just take a look at the size of the knife he is carrying!

    Boss Meri

    On this trek they have Andrew Yauga as their guide. Andrew was one of our most popular guides who has not been walking with us for quite awhile. We welcome him with open arms as he was always popular with our trekkers and its great to see him on the track again wearing our uniforms.

    Andrew also came 2nd in our Kokoda Challenge Race this year so is one of the fittest guys around. In the background is another brother Freddy who is presently in town waiting on a visa to go back to Australia where he now lives in Brisbane. During his time in PNG he has been staying at our base and helping me out as security and other jobs around the place as and when needed.

    Boss Meri

    If you wanted to view photographs taken yesterday that have been posted to our 'Facebook' page, please click on the following:


    Boss Meri

    The plan yesterday was to reach Ua'Ule Creek where they would spend the night. Have not heard anything to the contrary so am assuming thats where they stopped for the night.

    Boss Meri

    Spoke to Andrew today and it seems they stopped early at 'Goodwater' campsite instead of pushing on to Ua'Ule Creek on the first day. Yesterday was a long day as they walked through to Ofi Creek where they spent the night.

    As for tonight, plan a) was to reach Menari. Plan b) was to spend the night at Agulogo. Today the guys really knew they had hit the track as some found it hard going when climbing up Maguli Range. Corry I am led to believe was out in front pulling them along by word of mouth!

    At the time I spoke to the group it was 10:30am and they had all stopped for a morning tea break before heading up to Nauro.

    Boss Meri

    Trekkers have now reached the half way point of Efogi! Its all down hill from now…only kidding!!!


    Have not heard from the track but by today they should be heading towards Eora Creek to spend the night. If all went according to plan they would have been at 1900/Myola Junction last night.

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