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    Boss Meri
    Boss Meri

    The last photograph taken this morning was this one with Wallace Lemeki just seconds before they all walked off together.

    Boss Meri

    Trekkers have now reached their first destination of Ua'Ule Creek where they are spending the night. As its 8:22am as I type this, they could already be fast asleep!

    Boss Meri

    Have not heard from them today as they are down low and it must be hard to get a signal out, however am assuming they are somewhere around the Ofi Creek area. Will no doubt hear tomorrow as they climb up Maguli Range to head for the Menari area.

    Boss Meri

    Received a phone call today from Maguli Range. Wallace sounded really happy with his team of trekkers and porters as he told me of their time together since we said goodbye to them at Owers' Corner. Simon had a few too many drinks I think the night before his trek and paid the price for it but is ok now.

    As for Darren, he has experienced calf problems and has been doing it tough today. A few of our food porters are on their first trek for the season as well and have found the day hard going so will no doubt enjoy off loading another nights food. Unfortunately the only aircraft that flies food into the half way point is undergoing maintenance so was not available so porters are carrying all the way to Kokoda.

    Last night they spent the night at Ofi Creek and I am led to believe they went to bed around 9:30pm after they all enjoyed some singing with our boys.

    Today they were heading for Menari Village. The boys and perhaps trekkers will be missing out on the 'State of Origin' tonight so I bet they will be hanging out for some news of who wins. Perhaps someone in Menari may hear it on the radio.


    Boss Meri

    Spoke to James yesterday on the phone and passed on your messages. He said he was happy to receive them and to know his wife got his 10th anniversary wish from him on the track. He sounded like he was really HAPPY and said he was having a great time along with the others in the trek.

    Last night they were at the village of Naduri and tonight are at Eora Creek if everything went according to plan today as I have not received a call today. A couple of trekkers were doing it tougher then the rest but Wallace is more then confident all will finish their trek.

    Boss Meri

    Picture them tonight sleeping to the roar of Eora Creek and crossing over it tomorrow as they head up to Alola and then on to Isurava Monument area:


    Johnsford was our trek leader, he is a great man and a good freind.

    Boss Meri

    Not long ago I received a sat phone call from the village of ALOLA where the group is spending the night. Poor Barry continues to struggle but Wallace is confident he will walk out in Kokoda along with the other. I spoke to Yohan and passed on your messages. He sounded so full of life and then we got cut off. Tomorrow they will be phoning me on the normal mobile network.

    Wallace sounded so excited as he thinks him and his team of helpers will get ALL their trekkers to the finish line of KOKODA. Go trek 748, the finish line is almost in sight!


    Hi Boss, Great to see the photos on the start of the trek. I especially enjoyed seeing my girls alive and well and so many porters to look after everyone. Please pass on my best wishes to Heather and Jasmine and their Dad. Hope it all goes really well.
    Jacqui McLeod (Mum)

    Boss Meri

    Hi everyone, trekkers are now at Hoi Village for their last overnight on the Kokoda Trail. Its so close to the finish line that they could have walked off today into Kokoda if they had chosen too but seems they are having fun so another night in the bush it is.

    Barry knowing the finish line is in sight has really bounced back and is up and away today! Other trekkers have all done well and the group as a whole, are looking forward to completing their trek when they walk off the track tomorrow morning.

    No doubt tonight they will have a final singalong before they go off to bed knowing tomorrow will be an exciting day as they complete their trek.

    All the women have done extremely well which is really good. From what I can gather Yohan has helped provide some good humour along the way along with our very own Hobert who has kept trekkers laughing from whatever he does when he walks the track as a porter.

    No doubt Sione has been singing away with his guitar and made sure they were all entertained. When they get back home no doubt you will hear all the stories of their adventure and then some!

    Boss Meri

    Congratulations are in order for this trek as they walked off the track earlier this morning and have been in celebration mode most of the afternoon.

    Apparently tonight they are shouting their boys a some kai kai (meal) at Orohaven and have been on the phone to me today saying how great the boys have been and how well they have been looked after. Spoke to Dianne, Yohan, Heather and Alisha and all were raving about their trek.

    So look out folks back home as it seems they will have plenty to talk about!

    Boss Meri

    We caught up with trekkers when they arrived in from Popondetta and boy did they look like a happy bunch of people. All 11 some of whom had never met before the commencement of their trek, all appeared to blend in well together. Ian and his two daughters were taken to Ela Beach where they would stay for the night.

    Others went off buying from the local market at Boroko with the intention of meeting back at the Gateway Hotel swimming pool area around midday.

    Barry decided to drive around town with me until we all met back up again at the Gateway Hotel.

    However before doing this, we had to meet up with two new trekkers arriving in from overseas so quite a busy time for me with trekkers coming and going but hey am not complaining, bring it ON!

    The 5 guys who kicked off this trek were to fly back home at 5pm so after we left them no doubt they relaxed in the hotel swimming pool. Barry, Dianne and Alisha accompanied me back up the mountain to the Sogeri Lodge where we all met up again last night.

    This morning we got to say hi again when we called at the lodge to pick up the trekkers heading out to Owers' Corner this morning to follow in their footsteps walking the same direction. At 11am Dianne, Barry and Alisha will be picked up and driven down to the international airport for their flight back home.

    Jeffrey Boropi who walked as Dianne's personal porter returned to walk again yesterday with this group this morning taking the place of his brother Chrisley so Dianne was able to say goodbye and to see him wearing the pair of shoes she gave him on his feet. We snapped the photograph below before we drove off to Owers'.

    The other photograph was taken poolside at the Gateway Hotel yesterday.


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