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    I have booked in for trek 732 in July and have a couple of questions I'm hoping someone can assist with:

    – Is the briefing the previous evening at Sogeri Lodge now rather than the Gateway Hotel?
    – Who do I advise that I (and my trekking companion) would like to hire a personal porter, backpack and tent?
    – We are spending a couple of nights at either end of the trek in Port Moresby and looking for recommendations for accommodation and tourist things to do.



    Hi Derek

    Im booked witth a friend on trek 748 which is around the same time as your trek but heading out from Owers. We both need a tent and backpack and emailed Nathan Thomas (email address under contacts on this site) and let him know. We are staying an extra night after the walk and have decided to stay at Sogeri Lodge. Nathan should be able to help you with any questions. Im sure I saw a post on this forum regarding accommodation in the Port Moresby area.

    Best of luck and happy training, Dianne


    Thanks Dianne, will no doubt see you at about halfway smile.gif

    Have tried emailing Nathan a couple of times but without luck sad.gif


    Hi Derek,

    We had our first night at Sogeri lodge and this is where our briefing took place also. I imagine you will be met at the airport and driven directly to Sogeri.

    You will need to email Gail or Nathan requesting a porter, tent etc… I know Gail has been overseas recently so may not be able to reply at the moment but don't worry, you will get a reply eventually.

    We stayed at the Gateway hotel. It is close to the airport and a shuttle bus will take you to and from the hotel. Once you make a booking, advise them of your flight arrival time and they will meet you there, remembering though that this is PNG and things don't always happen on the clock but should be near enough to time. It is a nice, clean hotel with a fantastic pool (this is very important!) and good food. I think most of the hotels are similar in price but it may be worth comparing costs before you book.

    In terms of tourist things to do, it really isn't an option to move around in Port Moresby-it's not safe to do so but you can dine at the Yacht club with no concerns. I am not sure about tourisst options further out of Moresby but maybe your guide will have more information.

    Hope that helps, cheers, Sally.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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