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    Boss Meri

    KOKODA CHALLENGE KOKODA KIDS – This afternoon saw a huge group of 40 + arrive to either walk the Kokoda Track or to fly over to Kokoda. Not long after arriving the ones heading to Kokoda were taken down to Hevi Lift for their chartered flight and the others boarded our people mover KTL 2 truck to head out to Bomana War Cemetery. Trekkers include :

    Johllene Wright; Glen Wallwork; Peter Ibbott; Alex Rutledge; Jason Snuggs; Mavis Burns; Samantha Aldridge; Tom Wybrew; Blake Dwyer; Chelsea Kokshorn; Keiren McLaren; Samara Baunach; Nicholas Smits; Dean Timbs; Jacob Langguth; Will Desmond; Ryan Thornton; Billie-jo Thompson; Joe Hallam; Daniel Harbulot; Daniel Fraser-Jorgenson; Jake Taylor; Steven Mitchell; Sophie Phelan; Jamie Crighton; Jessica Grogan; Andrew Grimmond and Lisa Ridgley

    After meeting up with Doug and the group heading over to Kokoda by air, I returned to the airport terminal area only to find they had already left and were on their way out of town.

    We had to leave two vehicles behind to play catch up as their guide and other porters were still to arrive in Port Moresby on the flight that Doug's group flew out on.

    When I arrived at McDonald's Corner I was again informed that they had not long left and so we played catch up again. The road was very slippery but we got them safely to Owers' Corner.

    Not long after I arrived back at my home I received a sat phone call from Clive Jinga their guide saying they were in trouble. I asked what kind of trouble thinking only the worst…he replied they have no tents. Please get someone to run up 14 tents!

    Well folks we are not talking about five minutes down the road! We are talking a winding road up to Sogeri which is commonly called 'snake road'. When we hit the Sogeri Monument area, it was four wheel driving today.

    I heard around 10pm Russell and some boys had met up and handed over the much needed tents as it was already raining so hopefully they will sleep soundly tonight.


    Tony & Lynne

    Hi 'Grimmo' and all of the KK Team,

    Hope you're flight was good and you are into the walk and enjoying the experience.

    Watching the weather daily and thinking of you all.

    Have fun!

    Lynne & Tony (Grimmo's Mum & Dad)


    Hi Sam, Hope your enjoying yourself. All thinking of you here. Everyone says Hi.
    We will be checking on the site to see where you are.
    Enjoy your adventure :
    All our Love
    Mum Dad and boys. XXXXX


    Hi Jamie,
    Hope you all enjoyed the first nights adventure on the track , and are having a great time.
    Emily , Mum and Dad.



    Hello Nathan and Clan,

    We hope you have had a great journey so far, pity about the rain, hehe. glad the plane didn't fall, so you must be feeling a little better. We will keep track of what you are up too….

    post you soon,

    Lotsa luv

    Mum, Troy, Nat, Libby and piper…

    Oh: Kurt and Rie say hi as well..let's not forget about your Dad by himself at home, sure he isn't having fun…without you around, NOT!


    Boss Meri

    Update 21st September: Have just heard via sat phone from Clive Jinga their guide that yesterday they reached Ioribaiwa Village where they spent the night.

    At the present moment they are on the move heading towards Ofi Creek for morning tea.


    Pic 1: crossing over Goldie River
    Pic 2: resting at Imita Ridge where a plaque has been put there by the Kokoda Memorial Foundation


    tongue.gif tongue.gif
    hi DANIEL HARBULOT and everyone
    took a while to figure the system out to message you. anyway hope all is well and you got some sleep last night. dont forget your tablets. sammy got to sydney okay and at olympic park. its so quiet here without you 2. take care and make the most of your experiences
    love mum,dad, becky, pete (and sam)XXXXXXXX


    Kokoda Kids Trekkers in Fox Holes



    Hey chels

    Hope you are great and enjoying. Dunno if you get this….you know how usless i'm on a comp. Anyway, hope you weren't late this morning….!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEHE.
    Give love to all.
    Miss u a tiny bit….
    me and yr bro's laugh.gif rolleyes.gif dry.gif unsure.gif ohmy.gif tongue.gif


    Pic 1: Our KTL minstrels keeping trekkers entertained with their uke'ule's
    Pic 2:



    Hope you got it forgot xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx's rolleyes.gif


    Trekkers at Nauro Village




    Hello Melissa,
    Not sure if my pevious message has been sent! Hope you are having a great time! Happy 16 Birthhday for Tuesday!! Love you Ninya
    Love Jude



    Hello Melissa

    We hope you and the rest of the gang had a great flight over and are all having a good time in PNG.
    It has been a tough 6 months and you guys have all overcome many obstacles in your quest to get to PNG.
    We are all very proud of you and the rest of the Kokoda Kids.
    You have all shown the Kokoda Spirit during the past 6 months and we know that this will be continued in PNG and into the future.

    All our love Melissa

    Mum and Dad.



    Hi Will Mum here on Ben's message board, we having trouble logging in. Hope it is everything you hoped it would be. The party went well missed you. Lots of love Mum and Dad


    brooke h

    sam i am so proud of you, just keep trucking on and always remember why you are there.
    i had a big chat to your mum, n u packed a heavy bag didnt u miss?!
    well i noe you will be having a ball!
    say hi to brendan for me and give him a hug!
    and can you make sure luke gave him his llil prezzie!
    i have been telling everyone in work that ur over there n the whole mountain is cheering for you!
    i am so damn proud of you!
    hi to everyone else walking stay strong, enjoy and remember the kokoda spirit and the sacred ground to which you walk!
    love brooke


    Hi Chelsea,

    Sorry I didn't get a chance to call you before you left – have fun and enjoy the journey! You are awesome!!! See you when you get back!

    Love Pauline & Gary
    xxxxx tongue.gif biggrin.gif

    (We don't forget to post kisses like your mum lol….)


    ohmy.gif dry.gif
    hi again DANIEL H and friends
    well we are about to get a severe thunderstorm in qld. just checking in again to hopefully see more updates, hope you are all on time with your walk. mark & sonya wish you the best and Uncle garry will look at tracking you as well.

    love MUM and Family

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