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    Alison Anis

    Notice to our readers: There won't be any more trek updates for you till June – well at least not till June 5th. We saw our last group of trekkers for the month of May out from ower's Corner yesterday. It was a successful trip, this one, and eveyone experienced something unique.

    We have six different groups coming in to trek this month (June) with a total of over 70 trekkers altogether. The biggest group for this month will be trek 58, trekking from 19th June 2005 to 27th June. There are three seperate groups for this trek of over 30 members. The group will trek from Kokoda towards Ower's Corner.

    Our first group of trekkers (Trek 106) for the month of June are bound to head out from Kokoda to Ower's Corner this Sunday June 5th and complete their trek at Ower's on 13th June. There are four confirmed members in this group which will be led by John Derrick Eroro, a veteran of 362 treks.

    This will be followed by a private trek with three confirmed members to be led by boss of the company himself and a veteran of 287 treks, Russell (Rusty) Eroro. The group will start from Ower's Corner on 10 June and complete their trek at Kokoda on 19th June.

    And the third group (Trek 58) is the biggest group so far with a total of 33 members. The group is further divided into three seperate groups and will head out on the from ower's Corner to Kokoda from June 19th to 27th.

    This again will be followed by a private trek of 8 people to be led by Pam Christie. This will be a fast trek which starts also on 19th from Kokoda and ends Ower's on the 24th.

    And from June 21st a group of Army Cadet from Queensland will commence their trek from Ower's Corner and finish at Kokoda on June 28th. This group will be led by Murray Jones from Team Kokoda.

    The last group of trekkers for the Month of June will walk from June 27th and end in Kokoda on 7th of July. this trek will include another two days to tour Buna/gona region.


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