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    For my year 12 research project I am investigating how to physically prepare for the Kokoda Trail, and am hoping to create a training program which utilises a wide range of training types to gain a high overall fitness. I have created a survey on training and through this survey I hope to investigate which forms of training are most enjoyable and most effective so that I can incorporate them in my program. If you have time, any response would be greatly appreciated! please follow the link below:



    G'day amyj,

    As someone from an exercise science background the key to a training program for kokoda initially is increasing cardio fitness, core strength, leg & upper body strength, flexibility etc by any means the participant enjoys and will regularly do. As the trek approaches prob last 3 months the training should be as sport specific as possible, I.e pack hiking, hills & hills and the more hills, stair training, and weight training. Intensity, duration etc should also follow what is expected on the trek. Rest, recovery and progressive overload are also important for you program. Good luck. Feel free to ask any Q's you may have.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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