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    Hello, I have 2 question re Kokoda:

    Is it true that snakes can be an issue on Kokoda and that there is no anti venom for some of Papua New Guineas deadly snakes?

    I'm also trying to gage the elevation of the track. I recently did the Overland Track in Tasmania, is the Kokoda Trail much harder and if so, why? I know it is longer, but I guess I am talking about the terrain and the elevation. Can someone who has done both these tracks help me out here?



    I dont know if there is any anti venom or not, but youd never get to it in time anyway. As regards maps, theres some good ones on google that have all the elevations.


    Thanks for the reply.

    I know in Tasmania,if I were to be bitten, I can attend to myself and then lay down and wait for help to arrive. Apparently the helicopters carry the anti-venom. I guess I am wondering about how many snakes there are along the track, because if there is no anti-venom, this is a risk.

    Thanks for the info on elevations.



    I saw very little wildlife on my trek. There just isn't that much there along the track. Certainly no snakes to speak of, but my dad saw one on the "tractor track" at the end of his 2nd trek. His guide lunged at it with his blade and took care of it in seconds.
    To be honest I am far more concerned about snakes here in Australia-I always see at least one when hiking in the bush.
    Good luck.


    – The track gets to about the height of Kosi (just over 2,000mtrs) so its about a km higher than the overland, but it's not altitude sickness high or anthing.
    – I've done the overland and kokoda is far tougher. Kokoda is longer and steeper (there is very little respite) but far more oppressive with the heat and humidity. You can get warm walking, much harder to cool down. The overland's no cakewalk but it's chalk and cheese imo.
    – I saw 3 live and 1 dead snake. The boys got very excited about 2 of the snakes (black ones) and they do seem to have a very real fear of snakes. Rightly so, given the difficulty with anti venom. I was so buggered I didn't really give much of a stuff when I saw the snakes, but I have seen dozens in my time.

    But I don't know that snakes are an issue as such. Gail may be able to help here, but I don't recall seeing any reports of trekkers dieing from snake bites.


    We saw one snake on our trek, the boys chopped its head off.


    Hi there. With regards to the terrain and toughness of Kokoda, lets just say that experienced walkers who have been just about everywhere who have trekked with us, state that walking Kokoda is the hardest thing they have done. I think that is why at the end everyone is so pumped up when they cross the finish line as its truly an achievement of a lifetime. You can walk with a group but its your legs that will get you home.

    Secondly with regards to snakes, hardly any trekkers mention they have even seen a snake on the track. I think they are more scared of you then you are of them. In six years I can only recall about 15-20 times trekkers mentioning seeing a snake.

    In all the years I have been involved I have not heard of one person being bitten by a snake and we are talking about thousands of trekkers if you count all different trekking companies so think this is of limited risk on the Kokoda Trail.



    Can only agree with above comments re snakes on the Track, we did see one small black one, less than a mitre in length on probably Day 5, so in the Brigade Hill area, but that was all, my Brother & Nephew were more scared of a spider they saw, claiming it was the size of a bread plate in span. The Nephew being a brave 16 year old, poked the web with his walking pole and when the spider objected to being disturbed he dropped the pole and scarpered, leaving his pole in the web.




    I did the treck in 2008 – saw 1 small snake – I just stopped and it slithered past – didn't take any notice of me – no problem.

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