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    Congratulations on completing the Kokoda track.

    Everyone who has trekked Kokoda has a story worth telling. Why not share it on DoKokoda.com
    and inspire future trekkers?

    It could win you a trip back to PNG, this time on a more relaxing note – an extraordinary holiday for
    two at the TUFI Resort valued at $7,150!

    You have joined a special group of Australians who have put themselves in the shoes of
    the legendary diggers and PNG nationals who successfully intercepted the Japanese
    before they took Port Moresby from the north in WWII.

    We want you to share your story so that you can help us encourage other Australians to
    take on the life changing challenge, learn about Australia's war history and give back to
    the communities along the track that played such a crucial role in Australia's victory during
    the Kokoda Campaign.


    Hi All, Have you shared your Kokoda story yet?

    In 2012 we had the pleasure of welcoming Helen and friends to walk the Kokoda Trail with us. Helen decided in 2013 that she wanted to bring her family back to experience this great track. A painful story but a determination to complete the trek!

    "I nurse a broken wrist as I recollect with wonder & appreciation of the boyscout-type experience I had on the last 2013 trek with Kokoda Trekking. It turns out that breaking my wrist on day 2 of the 8-day trek was only just the beginning of the adventure! This fantastic journey for me, my husband & 2 sons, 11 & 15, is one of story-telling, history lessons, harrowing but humbling pain, friendship, courage, endurance & faith."

    To continue reading Helen's story please visit the attached link.

    Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 10.32.56 am.png


    Hi All,

    We have another fantastic Kokoda story written by Alisha who walked with Kokoda Trekking back in 2011 as part of Trek #748. Racing across the track!

    "As my gold level adventure for my Duke of Ed Award I decided to take on the Kokoda Trail. It was my first time travelling outside of Australia, and I choose to go it by myself. Being 19 and quite small my parents wouldn’t let me go without hiring a porter. It was one of the best choices they have ever made for me."

    To continue reading Alisha's story please visit the attached link.

    Have you shared your Kokoda story?

    Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 12.09.30 pm.png


    Hi Everyone,

    We have another great Kokoda story written by Pete who walked with Kokoda Trekking as part of Trek # 855 in 2013. Challenging physically and emotionally!

    "Kokoda was an incredible experience. One that every Australian should do. I completed my trek with Kokoda Trekking after extensive research into the trek. The experience was amazing and the relationship between the porters and the trekkers took us back to the Fuzzy Wuzzy support during the war. The walk itself was challenging physically and emotionally."

    To continue reading Pete's story please visit the attached link.

    Have you shared your Kokoda story?



    Hi Everyone,

    We have a few new stories to share with everyone.

    We often have many fathers who walk the track to bond with their children.

    We had the pleasure of welcoming Paul and his son Hayden back in 2010 as part of Trek #599. A rewarding experience!

    "Thanks so much for such a rewarding experience! It’s funny how much comes back to you when retelling the stories back home in Australia.

    One thing that I am sure to do is to spread the word of how wonderful your porters are. Ramsey in particular was an intuitive guide who took care of us on the track by picking the path that would be most suitable, adjusting the pace to how we were travelling and being there to offer words of support and encouragement all the way along."

    To continue reading Paul's story please visit the attached link.

    Have you shared your Kokoda story?

    Paul & Hayden Heading_to_Goldie_3.jpg


    Another fantastic story written by our past Trekker Earl who walk the track with Kokoda Trekking back in 2010 as part of Trek #576. A story about reconnecting!

    "My name is Earl Snijders, I lived my early childhood in Port Moresby in the late sixties, early seventies. My mother was or is a PNG national born in Samrai. As an adult I have always felt the need to visit PNG, because of my connection. I had been working 100+ hours a week in my restaurant for six years, with just 3days off at Christmas and Easter. I had finally cracked in 2009 and planned a holiday in 2010.

    That holiday was to trek the Kokoda track and to see if my mother was still alive. Obviously people thought I was crazy, but for me it was like I was going home."

    To connect with and read Earl's Story please visit the attached link.

    Have you shared your Kokoda story?



    The next story we have is by one of our past trekkers Brian who completed the track as part of Trek # 435. Mateship!

    Many of you may have seen a few posts made by Brian over the years on our forums and socail media pages. He is a great friend and mate of Kokoda Trekking.

    "Testimonial from a young 70 year old!

    I had returned home having spent my 70th birthday whilst on the Kokoda trail proving to those many supporters that their faith in me was certainly not unfounded and to those few “knockers” that I and others of my age certainly can.

    Questions that have been regularly asked to me since my return are:-

    Did you find it hard?

    Hard is an understatement I personally found it extremely hard and very difficult at times I rate Kokoda as the hardest walk that I have undertaken in my life.

    Would you recommend that others undertake such an adventure?

    Yes I would if health is on your side and with a positive attitude. I certainly believe age is not and should not be a barrier, trekkers from as young as 5 years to 81 years old have completed the trail.

    Would you use the same operator?

    I most certainly would use KTL! Would not even consider any one else as far as I am concerned the KTL team are the best."

    To read more about Brian's Story please visit the attached link.

    Have you shared your Kokoda story?



    Another great father and son story written by Jason who walked the track with his son Joshua as part of Trek #892. Emotional!

    "Last Sept my son (15yo) and I walked the Kokoda Trek.

    It was the most amazing and difficult thing we had ever done. We were on the trek when we heard about the attack on the black cat trail. After spending the night at Isurava, we awoke early for the dawn service.

    To read more about Jason's Story please visit the attached link.

    Have you shared your Kokoda story?

    Jason & Joshua.jpg


    We have a fantastic Kokoda story written by Pete who first walked the track with Kokoda Trekking back in April 2005. Life Changing!

    "I first did Kokoda back in April 2005. My knowledge of the campaign was very limited. I had 6 weeks training due to my appendix being removed in Jan 2005.

    I went over there, my self esteem was low due to a marriage break up. I struggled for 8 days, we walked for 11 – 12 hours but when we got to Isurava and we had half a day at that location.

    We all found time to be by ourselves. I recall openly weeping standing at the Bruce Kingsbury monument. We had atrocious weather. We had a days walk to get to the start at Owers Corner as it was that wet and we did 105 kilometres. It changed my life.

    To read more about Pete's Story please visit the attached link.

    Have you shared your Kokoda story?

    Pete Kokoda.jpg


    Our next story is written by Rebecca who walked the track as part of Trek # 840. Life Altering!

    "Easter 2011 my dad passed away, he was depressed and took his own life.

    I decided I need to do something to mark his 1 year anniversary but to also get the word out there about depression.

    I approached a great friend of mine, Kate Duxbury and suggested doing the Kokoda Track on his anniversary, and without hesitation she said yes.

    We started an Everyday Hero’s page to raise money for The Black Dog Institute which helps people with depression. Our aim was $5000 but with the fantastic support of our local CFA, family and friends we were able to raise $7000.

    April 2012 we left for Kokoda, a life changing trip.

    The trekking company we went with were amazing, and along with fellow trekkers we have made friends for life."

    To connect and read more about Rebecca's Story please visit the attached link.

    Have you shared your Kokoda story?

    Bec & Kate at Isurava Memorial.jpg


    We have another great & uplifting story written Kylie who walked the track with Kokoda Trekking back in May 2010. Spiritual – "Meeting God"!

    I really enjoyed reading this story as it brings out and shows everyone the type porters and guides we have within Kokoda Trekking and what they will do to help trekkers feel safe and sound whilst walking the track.

    "Ultimately what inspired me to finish the track was a chance meeting with God – and I am not a religious person…

    We thought we knew what to expect. My Sister and I we had done our research so we were pretty sure we were prepared and had what it took to get through one of the most difficult treks on planet earth. As our group numbers dwindled due to casualty, we resolutely put our heads down and concentrated on each step forward.

    Our epiphany came mid trek. By this stage our personal wonder at the terrain and circumstances that bought us to be walking the track had been replaced by an internal desperation to make it out in one piece. Tired and tested, we had started to walk mindlessly through the dense jungle simply following our porters. The rain hit us like stones, mud ran down the mountain sides and overhead, the jungle foliage closed in blocking almost all the sunlight. It is hard to imagine how dank it can become – it begins to feel suffocating and deadly."

    To read more about Kylie's Story please visit the attached link.

    Have you shared your Kokoda story?

    Kylie Kokoda.jpg


    So many great stories are starting to emerge from our Kokoda Trekkers!

    We have a new story written by Chris who walked the track with Kokoda Trekking as part of Trek # 667. Mates!

    "Kokoda – it means different things to different people. To me it conjured up thoughts of my Digger grandfather and his mates, fighting a seemingly impossible battle, all in the name of Australia.

    My brother-in-law, my best friend, his brother-in-law and his nephew and myself trained for 12 months leading up to the walk. We rode, we ran, we walked with our packs up Castle Hill, Mount Stuart at Townsville and any track and trail we could find for ourselves – knowing all too well that nothing could prepare us for The Kokoda Track."

    To read more of Chris's Story please visit the attached link.

    Have you shared your Kokoda story?

    Kokoda Chris.jpg


    We have a story written by Cathy who walked with Kokoda Trekking back in April 2005. "I’m not “Just a Mum”.

    "KOKODA, Day 1 April 2005

    We were four hours in, the sun was relentless and the humidity was sucking the life out of me. I was soaked in sweat, we were half way up Test Mountain, so called because it was the first real hurdle the Trail threw at you, trekkers were known to have turned around at this point and not carry on.

    I looked up, the others were already out of sight. I had fallen behind. I was left with two porters who were trying to take my pack from me. I had insisted on carrying my own, all but two of the other trekkers had paid the extra $400 to have the porter’s carry their load and they were both men.

    It wasn’t the money, I wanted to do this on my own I wanted to make it as difficult as possible… maybe punishment for my perceived failing at life. This was my penance and now I was failing miserably again."

    To connect with and read more of Cathy's Story please visit the attached link.

    Have you shared your Kokoda story?






    We have a new story written by Nicole who walked the track with Kokoda Trekking as part of Trek # 995. Moving!

    "I walked the track with my sister to honour the steps of my grandfather. He was in the 2/31st he came home after his 3rd bout of malaria after we had reached the beachheads. He lost every loved one he enlisted with including his best mate Archie who was also in his battalion and after witnessing the horrors including Archie’s death he came home and never spoke about the war just kept working and supporting his family and living for everyone else. He has always kept in touch with Archie’s family and felt the loss of his brothers and brother in law. He just never shared the true horror."

    To read more of Nicole's Story please visit the attached link.

    Have you shared your Kokoda story?


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