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    I was just wondering, where does all the rubbish go when tourist walk the Kokoda Track. Do they have locals who clean the track? or do you just carry it with yourself until you get to the next village?



    All rubbish created between camp sites, is taken to the next camp site or next rubbish pit that has been dug along the trail.

    Litter is not a big problem on the trail, as the trekkers, along with guides and porters are usually picking up bits and pieces while walking along the trail.

    Each campsite has a rubbish pit dug in the bush that they fill with rubbish. After the pit is full, they dig another pit and cover the old one over. Similiar to what we do in Australia, but on a smaller scale.

    I hope this answers your question.


    I never sore any rubbish on the track at all.


    I must point out that the majority of Australian's do not litter and trekking companies have been trying to educate their porters and guides so it all helps. Unfortunately PNG does not place too much effort in getting this message across as most towns and cities leave a lot to be desired when it comes to rubbish but on the track the system is working!

    Years ago when the motor car was first introduced to country folk, occupants would throw out stuff as they went along, then the 'keep Australian beautiful' ads hit the TV, students at school were taught it was wrong; grandparents and parents would give their kids a hard time and now in 2010 everyone knows its wrong to litter (well most), just a pity graffiti is still a problem down south. smile.gif


    Hi, It is very important that we all take good care of the Track. If you purchase soft drinks along the Track, then you need to crush the cans and carry them out with you. All rubbish is either burnt or carried out. Whilst trekking, please put your own rubbish in your backpack until you arrive at the next campsite.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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