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    Hello Gail

    A friend and I are soon doing a trek with you and would like to know if it is ok to bring a few items to donate to a school/clinic. Firstly is this possible, we were thinking of perhaps pencils/paper/infants panadol? Perhaps if we cant carry it on the trek we could leave it a Sogeri Lodge.

    Kind regards, Dianne


    Hi Dianne.

    We did exactly what you are proposing to do. A couple of other people on our trek left medical supplies at the hospital at Kokoda as well. Every day items such as panadol and bandaids etc etc. Its all gratefully recieved.
    We started at Kokoda which made it easier as we didnt have to lug all the stuff with us.


    Hi Dianne,

    As Peter has said, donated items will be gratefully received in Kokoda. I was able to take quite a few things as I had a personal porter. Most of what I took though was aimed at giving to villagers along the track. I sewed up some little bags and put marbles, hair clips & ties, small balls etc… in them for the children. Plus socks for our porters that I gave to them at Owers at the beginning of our trek. I left my first aid in Kokoda as well as some children's work books which I gave to our guide for his son.

    Also, I took some sheet music for the ukulele for our porters and this was very gratefully received! If you are able to print off some basic music sheets, I am sure they would love that.

    I am heading back in Sep this year as a youth leader with a group and would like to take more things with me but I won't have a personal porter this trip, so I too need to work out how to get items to Kokoda, particularly the hospital.

    Boss Meri

    Hi Dianne, thanks for your message. Yes, most definitely bring whatever you wish and we will find a way to get it over to Kokoda as the hospital is always looking for supplies and donations are most welcome.

    Out on the track itself, if you bring colouring in pencils, just bring one colouring in book and tear off the pages one by one and hand out with a pencil. The children will share them around and it means more get a chance of colouring in then just one child.

    Other popular items are balloons, frisbies or blowing bubbles, basically anything that our own kids in Australia love to play with.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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