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    QUOTE(Brian @ 8 Nov 2009, 05:49 PM) [snapback]10936[/snapback]
    Do not think anyone was hanging around at all, in and out in a flash and I bet some world records were made doing so.


    I did. Only once though – as my body just would not relax and I got cramps in the back of my knees from squatting – so up down, up down, up down I went. It was very strange. If it wasn't in a foreign country where you can pick up all sorts of things, I just would've parked my butt over the hole and sat down!

    End of trekking season is fantastic – the toilets don't get used anywhere near as much as they do in peak trekking season, so they don't smell anywhere near as bad. In fact in most cases, I didn't smell anything at all blink.gif

    Although in one case someone had diarrhoea previously and had missed the hole. This did smell. My iPod in my (zipped up) pocket of my shorts fixed that as my senses were focused more on listening to music than the sense of smell. So that definitely helped wink.gif

    All in all, on the whole (pardon the pun), I don't really know why it's such a big deal…(then again, we go on many 4wd trips quite frequently, so maybe I am used to pit toilets etc *shrugs* )



    A post for the ladies…
    Apologies if this has been previously discussed on the Forum – while we ladies still have to squat for #2s, we can now pee standing up: WhizBiz.

    I am no stranger to bush toilets but used a Whiz for the first time on Kokoda as a help to my knees and am of two minds – it was certainly great in the busier toilets as I could stand and avoid any 'misses' but a bit of a nuisance for a quick dash into the bush. I do intend to persevere and see if it is just a matter of getting used to it.

    Has anyone else any experience with this or a similar product?


    A dash of Tiger Balm under the nostrils helps banish any smells blink.gif


    Wokabaut Meri – re; WhizBiz

    I bought one of these from the Travel Docs about 6 weeks before we trekked. I trialed it on camping trips during my training and whilst good for not sitting on a toilet seat/public toilets, I found it was quite a nuicance for a quick dash into the bush. I took it on my trip to Kokoda and only used it once as it was just not convenient where we were at the times I needed to use it…

    Back in Australia, I still use it for camping trips, but would not take it again if I trek Kokoda a second time in the opposite direction.

    re; Tiger Balm…Why didn't I think of this!!!



    Totally agree with you, Fluppy

    The Whiz is a great concept but just isn't convenient most of the time. Although I did find it very useful when the only patch of ground was covered with stinging plants and I just had to go!

    The Tiger Balm tip is something I picked up years ago from fellow trekkers in Nepal and it has worked for me ever since. I managed to get a 20c size tin that sits in with my loo paper.

    Good luck with your second Kokoda trek – my husband walked it first in 1996 (Owers-Kokoda) and got so much more out of his second trip with me in September this year. We walked in the reverse direction (Kokoda-Owers) and he said that it was definitely a very different walk but wonderful whichever way.

    I'm in awe of your achievement and the tenacity with which you trained.


    QUOTE(Wokabaut Meri @ 9 Nov 2009, 03:47 PM) [snapback]10942[/snapback]
    A dash of Tiger Balm under the nostrils helps banish any smells blink.gif

    So does a couple of inches of 2" duct tape over the nostrils smile.gif


    maybe a peg could suffice……clothes by night…toilet visit by day…… biggrin.gif


    I have been trawling through these forums, trying to soak up as much information as I can before my trek in August.

    I wanted to add a comment in relation to the comments on Gatorade/Staminade etc…

    I was using Gatorade as an energy/rehydration style drink up until a few months ago, until I started talking to a friend who is a triathlete. He basically said it is a waste of time if you want to seriously replace your sodium and magnesium levels, as well as other things lost in sweat. He recommended ENDURA and I am now 1/2 way through my first 'drum' of it and I have to say, it is far more palatable then gatorade! It isn't sickly sweet and it contains far more beneficial qualities than your run of the mill supermarket "lolly" drinks. I bought it at my local health food shop but it is readily available in such shops as well as pharmacies.


    I have been using endura plus with the magnesium for a while and will be taking the sachets with me in two weeks. Its a bit more expensive than the 800 g "drums" but i think the ease of use will outweigh the cost. As a plus my bulk to carry will reduce each dose. The sachets only come in lemon/lime
    and retail aroud $1.95. Should be able to reduce the cost the more you buy(boxes of 50) and i sourced mine from my local pharmacist . i dont know if they do all the claim to but if its a psychological boost then that works for me.



    Thanks for that Craig. I didn't know there were sachets available. I had planned to measure out individual dosages but pre packed sounds much easier and more durable than plastic bags.
    Good luck!


    I used to hang out for my 1 litre drink of staminade at the end of everyday, it was like a drug users fix. I liked it so much better than gatorade. Im going to New Zealand walking next year and will give the Endura Plus a go when I start serious training again in a month or so.
    Thanks for the "heads up".


    Hi Dan and other users,
    I'd be most interested in your DVD. Is it possible to download an electronic copy from someone? I'm happy to help out with any technical needs if need be such as providing a permanent download server (if someone sends me a copy) and perhaps even producing a map data format for handheld GPS devices. Does the DVD contain a GPS track log?

    Thanks for any help.


    Hi Dibblego.

    Sorry for the delay in my reply.

    Yes – I continue to send copies of the DVD. The DVD is home-grown and nothing too flash but it serves to mark our experience and gratitude for same – gratitude to our Diggers and also to KTL (Gail) who made it an amazing life experience.

    Just email me at: dan@towler.com

    with your Name and address. I'll get it done for you. This is no charge.

    RE: GPS points: I have edited my original post (on Page 1) and attached a ZIP file containing the GPS data points for The Track – in a few file formats.



    Thanks for putting the time in to putting these tips up, does anyone have any recomdations on packs ??


    Good point Nettie.
    We've trained Conwel Barai in basic First Aid (which of course does not include the administering of any medicines). I agree and I advocate that only the most basic of medicines be left there. Eg. pain killers, baby panadol etc, dressing, tape, iodine etc. If not with boxed instructions, then I always write instructions for them – which he follows faithfully.

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