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    Introducing Trans Niugini Tours – General Information

    Trans Niugini Tours is Papua New Guinea?s leading inbound tour operator. They own and operate their own award winning wilderness lodges, as well as their own boats, mini-buses and aircraft. They predominantly focus on providing unique and intimate insights into the culture and ecology of Papua New Guinea ? a land full of mystery and adventure, a land that continues to fascinated anthropologists and naturalists alike.

    Trans Niugini Tours is based in Papua New Guinea and has been operating for over 30 years. They offer package tours for both groups and independent travellers. They offer set departures, as well as customised itineraries. With such experience operating in Papua New Guinea, they know how to meet the high expectations of their clients, and give them the experience of a lifetime.

    Their facilities scattered throughout Papua New Guinea provide a high level of service, quality touring programs and professional guides. With nearly 800 languages and mountains over 14,000ft high ? Papua New Guinea is an extraordinary destination, and Trans Niugini Tours knows Papua New Guinea like no other.

    Visit their website http://www.pngtours.com for more information. Enquiries and bookings can be made with Trans Niugini Tours via email, service@pngtours.com.



    AMBUA LODGE: Located at 7000 feet in the Tari Gap area borders on pristine mid montane rainforest at the beginning of the valley grasslands. This location promises the visitor eternal spring weather and magnificent views of the Tari Valley.

    The forest canopy, a dense mass of interlocking tree tops of all shades of green and the occasional bright splash of color, provides a natural setting and an exhilarating climate for venturing along the nature trails – cross traditional vine bridges, discover a secluded waterfall, and spot high altitude orchids and rhododendrons.

    Photograph: A panoramic view of the Tari's Ambua Lodge


    Take advantage of the birding in the Tari Gap area where one may chance to observe up to 13 species of the birds of paradise. The flamboyant Huli Wigmen of the Tari Valley have formed a strong bond between themselves and these beautiful birds, men revere the birds by imitating them in both daily and ceremonial life, decorating their human hair wigs with the plumage of only the most beautiful birds.

    Tari is one of the few places left where men and women can be seen wearing traditional dress as part of daily living and men's wealth is still counted by the number of pigs and wives they possess. The Lodge features Highlands architecture with a main building housing the lounge, bar, dining room, and a cozy center fireplace.

    Photograph: Tari – Huli Man:



    KARAWARI LODGE stands majestically on a lone ridge amidst a vast expanse of dense tropical lowland rainforest which extends beyond the horizon for what seems a thousand miles in every direction. You are in `Arambak' country here, one of the most remote and unspoilt areas of Papua New Guinea, with the Karawari River only 300 feet (100 meters) below as your only way in or out.

    This tropical lowland rainforest is one of earth's most complex of habitats, housing an immense variety of flora and fauna along with a unique culture. Exploring villages in small river boats along the jungle fringed waterways is as rewarding as it is exhilarating. See the people make use of the land – weaving baskets for catching fish in the river, or gathering, preparing and cooking their staple food from the Sago Palm – taste it for yourself.

    The main building of the lodge is built in the form of a `haus tambaran' or spirit house, which contains the dining area, bar, lounge, and an incredible collection of Sepik artifacts. Your cottage, nestled in the spacious gardens, is constructed from locally gathered bush materials and fashioned after the traditional houses, yet having all the luxuries including a modern bathroom, comfortable mosquito-netted beds, ceiling fans, and a breezy verandah.

    All a welcome sanctuary after a day's exploration. From Karawari, the awe inspiring beauty of the view at dusk has to be experienced to be believed. While contemplating the vast expanse of jungle as the setting sun colors the clouds and snaking river below, one could almost believe that the world was born yesterday.

    Karawari Lodge:



    The "MV SEPIK SPIRIT", constructed in 1989, was built to the specifications to suit the demands of a shallow draft expeditionary vessel for navigating inland waterways. Its shallow draft allows passage into the heart of the Sepik River and areas not otherwise accessible to larger vessels. Venture to the area Papua New Guinea is most famous for in unparalleled comfort and security. The "SEPIK SPIRIT" complies with the most rigid of safety standards including both the American Bureau of Shipping and Papua New Guinea safety regulations.

    The SEPIK SPIRIT accommodates 18 passengers in 9 deluxe and spacious twin bedrooms each with private bathroom. Facilities aboard also include a dining room, lounge, bar, video and covered upper observatory deck. The entire vessel is air conditioned. Because the "SEPIK SPIRIT" is the ideal size for exploration, it provides intimate exposure to the area without the mass tourism often experienced elsewhere.

    The river banks where the vessel operates are dotted with many large traditional villages each with its own unique "haus Tambaran" or spirit house decorated with ancestral figures, carvings, massive garamut drums and secretive ritual flutes. The Sepik is a gallery of tribal art, each village boasts a unique style, and every villager is an artisan. Mingle with the friendly people and experience a culture that encounters few outsiders annually. Long after you have left the lush jungle, raucous birds, spirit houses and carvings, and endless water ways, the mysticism of the Sepik will remain unforgettably etched in your memory.

    Photograph – Sepik Spirit:



    Located in the Tonda Wildlife Management Area, Bensbach Wildlife Lodge sits near the border with West Papua – in the remote and sparsely populated south-west corner of Papua New Guinea. Unlike much of the country, there are no towering mountains, but instead, broad and sweeping flood plains teaming with life – deer, wallabies, monitor lizards, crocodiles, cassowaries, sea eagles, pygmy geese and a whole host of other mammals and birds.

    The flood plains of the Bensbach River area are an important area for migratory birds on their amazing journey from their northern breeding grounds to their wintering grounds in the Southern Hemisphere. Some of these amazing migratory birds include the Curlew Sandpiper and Ruddy Turnstone, which breed in Arctic Siberia and the Yellow Wagtail, which breeds in Eurasia.

    Stands of malaluca (paper bark eucalypts) provide building materials for the local people – while the bark is used as insulation in traditional ovens. Sago and yams are the staples of the Bensbach people – storing their yams for up to six months at a time in yam houses, this seasonal crop is the life blood of the Bensbach people.

    This is also barramundi country, and the barramundi of Bensbach are second-to-none. Bensbach Wildlife Lodge Caters for the serious angler as well as those who just want to drop a line into the water for fun.

    Photograph – Bensbach Wildlife Lodge:



    Rondon Ridge is the newest of Trans Niugini Tours? facilities. Situated at 7100 feet above sea level and sporting magnificent views of the incredible Wahgi Valley, it is the pinnacle of luxury in a rural setting. Only 30 minutes drive from the major centre of Mount Hagen, it offers convenience for business travelers and conference guests, while still offering the unique and unforgettable ecological and cultural experiences that are the trademark of Trans Niugini Tours? services.

    Rondon Ridge has twelve tastefully furnished rooms with modern bathrooms, warmed beds and quilts for those chilly highlands nights. Power is supplied by its own hydro system, providing uninterrupted clean electricity. Business and conference visitors will have access to a fully functioning conference room equipped with digital project for presentations. For those seeking to experience the unique culture of the Western Highlands, there is a comprehensive touring program, which takes you on a journey through the traditions and customs of the Melpa People.

    Rondon Ridge is also on the edge of an untouched karst region, with ten species of Bird of Paradise and an unspoiled environment; there is ample opportunity for those wishing to get up close and personal with the unique ecology of this area.

    Photograph: Rondon Ridge:


    Contact Details:

    Michael Bates – Trans Niugini Tours
    PO Box 371
    Mt. Hagen
    Papua New Guinea

    Tel: +675 542 1438
    Fax: +675 542 2470
    website: http://www.pngtours.com

    PS: Please dont forget to tell him you heard about their services on KOKODA TREKKING – http://www.kokodatrail.com.pg

    After walking Kokoda these are just some suggestions that might keep you longer in PNG – after all you have already paid for your ticket to PNG, 'extend' and 'enjoy' what else we have on offer.

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